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Zeepin to include creative industries in August Mainnet launch

Zeepin to work on galacloud

Zeepin, a Shanghai-based company, is working on the advancement of its unique ecosystem in collaboration with Neo and Ontology. The company aims to provide empowerment for business in the creative industries and wants to explore the potential of using blockchain among them by organizing research and indulging creatives on the Zeepin chain. While the first introduction may sound complicated and vague, let’s learn more about Zeepin and dApps initiatives.

It is beyond our imagination how the creative industry handles all the difficulties with the legal security of digital property rights, and in finding the like-minded team members. When bringing their ideas to life creatives go through the unavoidable paperwork. Zeppin’s team provides blockchain based support to innovators to promote economic empowerment of creatives associated business.

The idea of the company is to offer support for pioneers, from idea origination to fully working project, protection of copyright, solving issues related to project financing, partnerships, recruitment and remote cooperation. The blockchain will offer creative content to people in require creative ideas channeled through embedded smart contracts. This is all accomplished via Zeepin dApps such as ZeeCreate, ZeeFund, ZeeRights, ZeeSure and ZeeProof. The first few dApps will be introduced on Zeepin Platform after the mainnet Launch.

A year ago when dApps decentralized, open source web applications that run on the blockchain technology became a disruptor. The motive behind the innovation of Zeepin dApps is demonstrated through this visual of a creative customer on the Zeepin platform.

However, the scope of the company is already large. Zeepin indeed is run by the innovators who keep expanding its dApps portfolio with other exciting projects and ideas. CryptoGalaxy is an entertaining dApp and is a virtual universe on Zeepin platform launched by the Zeepin company where users can buy planets, give them names and enjoy the fruit of diversity of an amazing set of characteristics and attributes of each planet. It is a virtual mining experience Game in which anybody can use Galabot to dig minerals on the planet. Those minerals can be exchanged into GALA tokens which are functional application coin on the Zeepin Chan and is also the means of conversion in the Galaxy ecosystem.

Zeepin’s creativity doesn’t end there. The company is researching on different creative ways to innovate with blockchain-backed digital storage services. As a result of Zeepin’s brainstorming the GalaCloud was born. It is an encrypted cloud storage system which is having advantages over traditional ones. So far it is the best creation of Zeepin. The stored files in the cloud are encrypted and distributed across multiple nodes. In the distributed encryption storage network the cloud storage consists of GalaHub and GalaBox nodes. The GALA coin is used as the means of exchange to gain access to GalaCloud storage. The platform gives away 70 percent of GALA coin to GalaBox nodes, 20 per cent to GalaHub and 10 per cent to GalaCloud foundation. The GalaCloud is an essential part of Zeepin’s infrastructure, as it will also offer distributed storage space and service for Zeepin’s dApps.

To provide the storage, GalaCloud is planning to acquire a sum of 49 GalaHub nodes. The applications opened on August 8, 2018, and will be closed on August 25, 2018. As to enter the pool, members will require no less than 400,000 ZPTs, which will be secured for the year and a half. Following the inclusion of 49 GalaHub nodes by November 2018, the chosen members will have to offer a server with suitable storage space and high-performance bandwidth.

There will be up to 60,000 GalaBoxes on the mining front, which will be released in the first year. Zeepin’s physical device GalaBox is a node of information storage group, an encrypted storage device which can store encrypted shards from customers. The idea is that each GalaBox gained from crowdfunding can join the GalaBox node cluster and can become a storage miner by using a hard disk. Then the miner can start mining GALA through sharing of storage space GalaBox.

Initially, in the first week, 10 million GALA will be released with the addition of each GalaBox, compensation will hike by 500 GALA accordingly and will be reduced by half in every two years. The second round of GalaBox crowdfunding campaign will be released on August 16 at 2 PM UTC and will run till 2 PM at 20 August with lock-up of 5250 ZPT for the year and a half to accept 1 GalaBox. The third round launch will commence on 21 August at 2 PM and will run till 2 PM UTC at 25 August with the average lock-up of 5500 ZPT for 18 months. Once these tokens are locked, the GalaBox is open for anyone.

GalaCloud is an important project not because of its functionality but also as a fundamental solution for Zeepin’s dApps information storage. All dApps, when at functionality, might become a major disruptor for the creative team but the solutions of the platform are a bit complex in production, they become very easy when it comes to implementation. Hence, many creative industries are looking forward for a major simplification for their firms operating freely on a true-based Zeepin platform.

The Zeepin platform is a solution for all creatives industry-related problems. This year being the busiest for Zeepin as it has many projects aligned for developing, the year of product releases and development. Zeepin Chain’s mainnet will be available from August 31, 2018.

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