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YooShi NFT Market Trading Volume Exceeded $100 Million What Caused The Massive Popularity of YooShi Blockchain Game Ecology?

On December 3rd, 2021, the total trading volume of YooShi NFT market reached $100 million, and the NFT market volume of DNAxCAT and StarMon, two blockchain games incubated by YooShi, was out of this figure!

The YooShi ecosystem as a whole has been thriving in recent months. In particular, DNAxCAT, the first blockchain game incubated by YooShi, officially launched Play to Earn at the end of November, attracting a large number of blockchain players and continuously empowering YooShi’s ecological value. So what exactly is YooShi, and what are the opportunities behind it?

YooShi was originally born as a Meme project in May this year, with a cute little green smiling dinosaur as its IP image. At the same time, YooShi has also launched a total of 1000 trillion YOOSHI, a totally decentralized community token. With Meme’s popularity in the crypto asset market at the time, YooShi became very popular and the number of holding address exceeded 10,000 in just one week. However, the subsequent market downturn really demonstrated YooShi’s powerful genetic evolution ability. With the vast number of Meme project disappeared from the market, YooShi grew into a blockchain game metaverse aggregation-type platform of NFT+GameFi+P2E Guild Alliance within just a few months, and YOOSHI holding address has exceeded 400,000!

YooShi Games is one of the core sectors of YooShi ecosystem, which provides products and services such as GameFi LaunchPad, NFT Marketplace, NFT Mining, Farms and ImYooShi Wallet. YooShi Games also offers many opportunities for eco-players to participate in investments with low barriers, such as NFT and token stake and mining, GameFi LaunchPad stagging and even the opportunity to receive commission and rewards for participating in auctions on the NFT market.

Players who have participated in GameFi LaunchPad stagging should have a deeper understanding that lucky players who open rare NFT will directly get more than 100 times benefits. Players who do not sell their NFT can also earn two stages of continuous revenue: first, they can stake their NFT to mining pool before the game launches; the second is to exchange the game characters to participate in Play to Earn after the official launch of the game. NFT will not disappear after exchange, and can continue to be used in stake and mining. Take the recently launched DNAxCAT as an example, it takes only 1-2 weeks for ordinary players to recover cost, which making DANxCAT once ranked first in the BSC blockchain game clout ranking list, and ranked only second to Axie Infinity in internet clout!

In other words, no matter what part of the YooShi ecosystem you participate in at any time, you can get a very rich return on investment. So the next blockchain game produced by YooShi GameFi LaunchPad, as well as the upcoming launch of StarMon, are both great investment opportunities worth following and participating in.

Thanks to the success of the P2E mode the continuous development of the metaverse, YooShi Ecology has grown rapidly and successfully positioned top1 in the blockchain game field. But YooShi’s development goes far beyond that, with the goal of becoming a blockchain Steam platform. In addition to GameFi LaunchPad, YooShi has YooShi Labs, which provides technical support to blockchain game developers, and P2E Guild Alliance, which aims to serve as a bridge between blockchain games and players, forming a complete business system for the discovery, investment, incubation and ecological construction of high-quality blockchain games. And just this month, YooShi co-hosted the “Metaverse Hackathons” with Metaverse Alliance and a number of industry-leading organizations to promote the development of the blockchain metaverse industry while bringing more high-quality blockchain games to YooShi Ecology.

The metaverse blockchain game market is still in the stage of rapid growth, and YooShi platform has a great space for development in the future. The well-established economic model of YooShi adequately captures the value of incubation blockchain games, for example, part of the service fees of YooShi NFT trading market will be used in the repurchase and burn of YooShi tokens through smart contract. This will become the driving force behind YOOSHI’s value growth, while driving the overall ecological prosperity of YooShi.

The high returns from investing in crypto assets are often accompanied by high risks. However, from the above analysis of YooShi, participation in all links of YooShi ecology can obtain relatively stable and high investment returns, which will allow investors to realize cost recovery in a short period, thus greatly reducing the risk. Moreover, YooShi has become a head platform in the field of blockchain games, with broad development prospects, worthy of long-term attention.


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