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Yooshi 2.0:The Next Generation of NFT & GameFi Launchpad

A major new version update YooShi 2.0 is live now. In this new version, users could see all of the functionalities of YooShi at first sight as they enter the website, without clicking any additional button. The YooShi team has redesigned the menu bar and canceled the second level menu bar to make the full function zone clearer.

The platform has used white color as their background instead of green which indicates the new start. Moreover, YooShi 1.0 is a combination of both meme coin and non-fungible token (NFT), however, the upgrade of the official website indicates it as the sign of the next generation of YooShi, which is called the “GameFi Launchpad”. This represents an important milestone for YooShi.

Everything in this new version is mentioned to be the biggest highlights in the YooShi 2.0 updates. Notably, the menu bar arrangement is well-designed by carefully considering the user-friendly experience. Users can purchase $YOOSHI before entering the auction market to purchase NFT, then users can stake NFT to farm. The menu bar is notably the core point of the tutorial, enabling users to understand the reason to play $YOOSHI in an orderly way.

In addition, the platform tries to match each text with easily understood posters, in such way users can understand the definition and play more efficiently. The platform has also integrated all the tutorials and guides for the community as it is known that NFT has a relatively high threshold. The platform works in a way that they want to change the situation and raise awareness of the NFT ecosystem. Moreover, NFT is no longer considered to be an untouchable concept for them.

ImYooShi: the First NFT Wallet on Binance Smart chain

ImYooshi contains all the functions of mainstream wallets. Furthermore, ImYooShi has the functions of purchasing $YOOSHI in one-click, participating in NFT auctions, and collecting NFT in wallet. At the same time, users can easily use all the functions without linking to other wallets. It is the first NFT wallet on Binance Smart chain.

Recently, the Android test version of the wallet has been released, and bug bounty has been launched. The Android version of the wallet runs very well, easy to use, and the YooShi platform has received many valuable suggestions from the family. They are also open for more authentic feedback, which helps to move forward and make ImYooShi better. In addition, the IOS installation package is expected to be published this week. Since Android and IOS are two completely different open source strategies, the IOS version needs more time than the Android version. You can enjoy the Android version first:

YooShi Angel NFT: “Help Others” is Always the Core Value of YooShi

Many investors are attracted towards the Angel NFT.  Moreover, the YooShi Angel NFT was developed with a hope to help children who suffer from Angel Syndrome and makes many people know that there are many smiling angels in pain. Notably, the main valuable point of  YooShi Angel NFT is its charity plan.

Angel NFT minting almost ends within 10 seconds everyday. This is because after the user reaches a certain amount, there will be qualitative changes for the project. YooShi Angel NFT minting and the previous blind box sales are the best proof. YooShi do not care about the data, but they care more about user experience, and whether the YooShi family truly earns money. YooShi platform will launch a limited edition NFT in the near future and increase investment in Angelman Syndrome. All-in-all, the YooShi’s core value is to help others, which is a good start. Only 100 Angel NFTs were minted in the first week. The income from these Angel NFTs will be utilized to support Angel Syndrome.

MVB II Program: YooShi Enters TOP 20

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has issued an official invitation to YooShi to join the MVB II program. The MVB program round II is the Big Bang of NFTs, and will be focused on innovative NFT and DeFi development, high-performance infrastructures, like Data Indexing, and handling of significant user and transaction volumes on BSC.

Each project in this phase will receive:

  • $10,000 grant for each project;
  • Security QuickScan from Certik;
  • Top 5 projects will get sponsorship for full security audit from Certik;
  • Exclusive incubation workshop with industry experts;
  • Each project in this phase will also have the chance to obtain at least one of the benefits below:
  • Potential direct investment opportunities from Binance;
  • Direct listing in the Binance Innovation Zone.

The YooShi team works hard on the MVB II program to try our best and fight for the most benefits for their community.

Moreover, YooShi’s NFT product has been widely recognized. YooShi is focused on providing fun and profitable products to their community. Although the MVB II program is a fierce competition, they will do their best to improve their products and bring more interesting and meaningful products to users.

YooShi Game: Yooshi 2.0 is “GameFi Launchpad”

Yooshi 2.0 is a GameFi Launchpad. They are currently focusing on game incubating. They  hope that YooShi will provide an open platform for developers and develop YooShi as the first platform for games in the blockchain field. The platform will build all the underlying infrastructure for game-development enthusiasts.

Anyone can create and publish their favorite games on their platform. It also has reached strategic cooperation with world-renowned game production studios. At present the platform is still in early development. Moreover, the first game incubated by YooShi is coming soon.

Market Status and Exchange Listing

According to CoinMarketCap, the YooShi price is at $0.00000006898 (31.5%+) with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,430,675.20 (91.12%+) at the time of writing.

YooShi Price Chart (Source: CoinMarketCap)

At present, YooShi has been listed on several well-known exchanges and received invitations from many excellent exchanges. The platform has also expressed their sincerity in cooperation. But now, the most important thing for YooShi is to strengthen the YooShi family and gain more holders.

220,000+ holding addresses are far from their expectation. All-in-all, the YooShi family will be able to trade $YOOSHI on top exchanges in the future. 


Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies have taken the world by storm due to their immense potential. Upon this blockchain technological advancements, it gave birth to attributes like DeFi and NFT. Currently, DeFi and NFT both share an equal platform and limit following the trend of cryptocurrency. But this scale alone is now bringing forth immense market value and shares in the industry.

The sun is all set to shine bright and the sky to be full of rainbows ahead for YooShi. This is because the platform not only nurtures more NFT and DeFi., but it is also a GamiFi Launchpad. Thereby creating an enduring  future upon its market value. The upcoming innovation and developments within YooShi would set a mark above all in the industry in future.

YooShi Family, Find Your Home!

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