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Press Release in the Final Development Stage Is ERC20 Issue on Ethereum BlockChain:

Ethereum is a well-known second-largest platform of cryptocurrency. During the past few years. Ethereum has ruled most of the decentralized applications.  Ethereum has always provided the best to all of its users by its striking platform, open-source programming languages, and a liberal environment.

As an improvement to the Ethereum networks (ETH), (XPT) is ERC20 Token deployed on the ethereum blockchain. Its only goal is to provide the crypto-currency for the persons and by the persons. will be a great change with a lot of improvements. Its purpose P2P system of payment, which will provide people the power back. It will give more power to the people and will be considered as a great change in human history of wealth.’s aim is to broaden the perspective of all the other versions available for the cryptocurrencies, moving around an obtainable market as substantial as the whole world, which can be assessed for trillion of the dollars. It will build up more trust and understanding among all the users associated with this network, which would guide all the users for the better utilization and approval of the programmable money. They will allow the user for the easy management of all their funds without any involvement of international laws and barriers by any third party.

As the supplies and circulations are concerned, total supplies of the XPT will be 200,000,000, and total circulation will be 60,000,000 XPT. will be available in Staking pool mining:

Staking pools can help various stakeholders to combine their additional resources as a way to enhance their chances of being satisfied. We can say they join their power of staking into the process of validating new blocks, so they get a high chance of block rewards. will provide improved ability to do the transaction in the Ethereum blockchain. Users will get more power to vote on the given content. It will provide the opportunity to get the best rewards to earn curation. It will provide an opportunity to take part in giveaways. User’s chances of getting other tokens through airdrops will be very high.


A total of 140,000,000 XPT will be available from mining to provide more benefits to the will be beneficial for the coin holders to increase the chances of the validating more blocks and get higher revenue in the will be listing in numerous cryptocurrency exchanges during October – November 2020



XPToken and DeFi: is based on the concept of De-Centralized Finance (DeFi) to make the system easily accessible and user friendly.

The approach of De-Centralized Finance (DeFi) on which is used in, can be defined as a standardized protocol for distributed journal technologies, which includes the creation of financial products and services, waning the well-known connections between the central establishments. This “movement” was, in particular, built over a blockchain with the important, yet essential conformist financial tools. Considering every aspect of saving the money, advancing loans, and plagiarizing money, followed by all the offers that a traditional bank has had to offer to its customer. The “De-Centralized Financing” world shaped for banking persons follow all the dealings and actions by using a computer code instead of human judges. There are many advantages of DeFi over all other technologies. This DeFi technology includes

  • Lending Platforms: This technique endorses the acquirements for a loan with reasonably better rates of loans.
  • Stable coin: this model was presented to provide the issuance of token and reserve checking along with price pin management. It is the most common approach in the DeFi system.
  • Infrastructure: This class is mainly utilized to funding newer digital Apps to build for future generations


Benefits of DeFi:

XPT is based on DE-centralized Finance, so it can help to provide benefits for the customers. This idea can provide a permissionless financial system that provides an effective environment for the customers and make it eco-friendly. The DeFi approach is becoming the latest trend because of all the benefits which are described below.

  • Transparent and Programmable

A transparent code available for the purpose of auditing and develop the keen interest of the user since it provides the ability for the customer to find a bug in the system.

  • Pseudonymous

As anyone can publicly view all the transaction activities, it stops privacy issues by mining all the record transactions by default.

  • Permission-less

DeFi approach used for XPT specifies that the system is accessible without any third party involvement.

  • Globally Available

If we consider these smart contracts as the internet and all the latest technologies have made the world very little. So it is designed specifically so that you can access it globally if you have the internet.

BlockChain Developers Team: has been developed by a very qualified team which is very experienced in blockchain technology, the team which is very focused towards providing their customer the best. Everyone contributes their fair share in development. They are organized and work under their great leaders. has been developed by using the proper problem-solving method and decision making methods. Many conflicts occurred during the complete process of development, but they resolve the conflicts competently.

Our Blockchain developers team is a qualified team of blockchain developers and experts ready to implement our custom solutions.

They produce the results quickly and efficiently, but they never compromise on quality. With senior blockchain developers, testers, and experienced project management on board, we are sure to get the foremost out of this profit-generating technology.

Release Date Expectation:

As everyone is excited about this great reveal of will be listing soon in numerous cryptocurrency exchanges during October – November 2020. And after listing on cryptocurrency exchanges, the staking mining of XPToken will be begun by the end of this year.

So if you want to be part of this great technological token, visit our website for more details, and don’t forget to read our whitepaper to read more about XPToken.





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