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Why should you follow Crypto Poor Boy on Twitter?

Crypto Poor Boy

The whole world is talking about cryptocurrency, and many of you have invested in it too. But do you know what exactly it is!

What is Cryptocurrency?

Many people describe cryptocurrency as virtual currency, and many call it digital currency as well. This currency is secured under the guidance of cryptography, through which double-spending becomes impossible.

Impact of Influencers on the Crypto Market

Recently it was noticed that people are getting inspired a lot from the verdicts of influencers. Whether it is worth 1 rupee or 100, the impact on the investment by influencers can be easily felt. The world of cryptocurrency is highly infected by influencers. Alike all segments, this field also has excellent and bad influencers. There are specific influencers who post without analyzing the market and hence effects existing and potential investors in the long run. Negativity created by such influencers deprives the market of the investment which was likely to happen.

Alternatively, there are specific influencers who post after analyzing the market thoroughly. Their posts are not only motivating but also full of facts and analysis. Crypto Poor Boy is one such handle that not only motivates his audience but also rewards them with good tips and hacks..

Recently the market went too low, and the investors felt devastated and low. It appeared as a mistake. In such circumstances, Crypto Poor Boy tweets appeared like a path shower to them.

Motivational Guidance

He quoted,” Belief in Yourself.” “I’m not selling Bitcoin.” And many such tweets to show his faith in cryptocurrency. An account that won active 60k followers in less than a year is remarkable. It indeed shows his dedication and in-depth knowledge in the field. He not only tries to motivate the interest of his employees but at the same time, he also retaliates negative posts by retweeting them with a positive quote.

An authentic influencer is the one who brings hope and spread positivity, and Crypto Poor Boy is one such gem.

“This Bull Run is different; remember that.” This particular tweet by him has a lot to say. He wanted to indicate that it is not the time to lose patience. Instead, it is the right moment to buy more.

“Bitcoin forever.” This particular tweet by him showed his faith in this investment as well as in its growth.

 Whenever you make any investment, you need to have faith in it. A right influencer analyzes the market, do the proper research and share necessary information time to time.

His every tweet is the right example to reflect his detailed research, analysis, and command over this topic. He never allows his audience to get influenced by any negativity.

A market has to fall to rising! This statement works forever in any investment, and a true investor invests only following this rule. Remember, anything that goes too high attains downfall and vice versa. Here your patience and control over your investment strategy are highly needed. Remember it is your hard-earned money, and you should invest it under good influence.

Wrapping Up

Follow the influencer who influences you positively. A negative impact can ruin you from all eras, so check with whom you get affected!


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