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What is the 888 Cycle Challenge? Clever Protocol Explained!

What is the 888 Cycle Challenge? Clever Protocol Explained!

The world of cryptocurrency has been quite hyped since the introduction of the Clever Protocol. While it is still yet to be launched on February 1st, 2021, its uniqueness in the field has taken the market by storm.

Hence, to ignite the flame of popularity a little bit more, Clever’s CEO has recently launched the “888 Cycle Challenge”. But what is it? How does it work? Let’s learn more about it.

What is the Clever protocol?

In essence, the Clever Protocol is a type of decentralized platform, which has been established on the Ethereum network. It has a sublime interface and enables everyone to earn a decent amount of interest every two weeks.

Through Clever’s launch, the CEO of the organization wishes to create a new crypto ecosystem for dedicated users. It will ensure timely compensation while using a system, which offers a decent amount of equity.

The platform provides all the interest at a compound rate. Thus, it will be easier for everyone to maximize their earnings within a short time with this module.

888 Cycles: Challenge

The DeFi platform of Clever integrates a unique mechanism called Decentralized Distribution (DDM). The creator of the same has programmed it in such a way so that it can mint the CLVA token.

This particular minting period will last for a month and enable the users to mind as many CLVA modules as possible. After you have completed minting, you can exchange your Ether with the tokens with a smart contract.

The overall value or cost of the CLVA tokens will keep increasing through regular intervals. Therefore, if you have purchased the tokens fairly early, it will be easier for you to earn more than usual.

After the minting cycle is over, the DDM will stop minting and activate the interest cycle medium. This particular system will be fixed, so no one will be able to change it afterward.

The interest period of the Clever Protocol will last for 888 cycles. Each of these cycles has a completion duration of 14 days or two weeks. Thus, the whole cycling period will last for around 34 years and provide you with 11% compound interest.

How Is It Beneficial for You?

So, as you can see, the word “challenge” in the phrase “888 Cycle Challenge” does not depict any intricacies. It, in turn, can be beneficial for you if you can use it properly.

For example, if you have joined the movement as an early adopter, you can enjoy a continuous earning for 34 years.

Moreover, the compound interest rate can also be an excellent prospect for you if you have invested substantially.

Besides, you will also not need to lock in your tokens to check your balance. Additionally, you can sell them almost anytime you wish. The platform is, indeed, pretty flexible.


These are some of the integral aspects that you need to know about the 888 Cycle Challenge of Clever Protocol.

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