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What is Digital Annealer and Why it will Make You a Winner

What is Digital Annealer and Why it will Make You a Winner

Innovators have always ruled the world. The set the trend for each generation, creating opportunities that were unknown, and beget fresh markets. In the trade and investment universe, innovation has been stale of late. Most traders, including institutional ones, rely on widely available algos to help them trade. This is why the CFX blockchain project, with its cutting edge, pre-quantum Digital Annealer chip from Fujitsu is such a big deal.



  1. SPEED

Everyone knows that those that make the most money in the trade and investment markets are those that are able to seal trades and make decisions at record time. The faster you get the right info and act on it the higher your chances of returns and lower your risks. As humans, we have a limit to how fast we can process info and act upon it. Even with the help of huge supercomputers (which only a few institutional investors can afford), it seems the processing of algo decisions are just not fast enough yet. That is why the Pre-Quantum Chip from Fujitsu, a proprietary tech that no other trade platform has access to, gives you an edge that you cannot find anywhere else. The smallest quantum computer can process billions of calculations that a normal computer simply cannot cope within record time. If you need speed for trade, then you literally cannot currently go faster than what the QHATS platform from CFX offers.


Apart from raw speed, the Algo used by CFX on purpose to fit the Digital Annealer chip powers the QHATS platform with such huge scope of processing power that the financial industry has never seen the like of which before. By processing billions of possibilities it spots instant arbitrage trade opportunities at almost ZERO market RISK. Arbitrage is a way to buy and sell the same instrument (like Bitcoin) at same time on different markets, gaining small but constant profits with no market risk. The Digital Annealer allows for unprecedented speed in this.

CFX will offer that opportunity time and time again with its revolutionary technology.


As earlier stated, not all institutional trading platforms are willing or able to invest in super expensive supercomputers for their businesses. Mostly The Digital Annealer is such a new technology that only a few are able to test it. In fact it needs a special translation of algos that require a deep cooperation with University research teams. CFX was able to get in early and convince Fujitsu of their will and ability to obitain results. So with CFX, you get a rare opportunity to beat the trading world at its game with a technology so advanced that no one is exploring it. And their will is to let everyone be able to exploit this with a few cliks, CFX Founder has always been on people side, teaching and supporting towards better results with lower risks. CFX crushes the entry barrier putting you ahead of the pack.

The QHATS platform is only the beginning of what will be an exciting frontier-like journey in the financial industry. If you want to get first dibs on the CFXQ token, you can participate in its IEO today via the LA Token Exchange. The financial markets are about to be shaken and you could be first on the floor for the benefits that abound.

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