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WaCo Solution in Integrating Blockchain into the Waste Digital Coin

The WaCo solution is built around the blockchain. By using the ValueGo® a patented solution, blockchain, the WaCo project hopes to revolutionize how waste is managed. WaCo believes that integrating the blockchain in the waste disposal ecosystem will helps government agencies and other interested parties to track waste throughout its cycle.

Integrating the Blockchain into the Waste Management Process

By integrating the blockchain into the waste management process, it will ensure that waste can be tracked throughout its lifecycle. The blockchain can successfully track waste from the source to its final destination securely and efficiently. Consequently, it will help to improve the waste management process.

The normal waste management process is divided into several sections. They include the disposal, separation, movement, acquisition, processing, and recycling sections. Government agencies and other stakeholders involved in the waste disposal cycle can control these steps better if they have more accurate and timely data. In the current setup, controlling these steps is usually difficult due to the huge amount of waste and data generated in each step.

It is thus vital for all stakeholders in the waste management process to play their roles effectively to ensure efficient waste management. However, that rarely happens due to the huge volumes of data and waste generated. Consequently, the waste management cycle can be at times chaotic and complex.

A good way to ensure efficient and timely processing of waste is to have the date at the time to the right people. Using  ValueGo®  blockchain is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. However, people need to be incentivized to provide the data. That is why the WaCo project came up with the WaCo digital currency. The process works by rewarding people in WaCo coins every time they feed data about their waste into an app. With accurate data coming from the source of the waste, it would help to make all other steps in the waste disposal process more efficient.

How Waste is Disposed

The initial stage of waste disposal is an unsurprisingly mundane process. The first step in the waste disposal cycle is the generation of waste by consumers. Consumers will then send their waste to a collection point. The second stage is the collection of waste from the consumer’s home.

Additionally, the waste can be collected from designated waste collection points. In all cases, the consumer places the waste in a bag and then into a container. From there it is collected. The objective of all waste disposals is to remove the waste as far away as possible from the consumer.

While the waste disposal is simple, it is other steps in the process where the process gets complicated. Waste has to be sorted, recycled, or disposed of in the right manner. It is at that point that improper processing can lead to environmental damage. For instance, when Li-ion batteries are improperly disposed of, the chemicals leak into the environment and harm plant and animal life for years to come. Eventually, those chemicals find their way into human meals, where they cause serious health effects.

Real-Time Tracking of Waste

Due to the complex nature of waste disposal, real-time tracking has always been difficult. All other technologies, including the use of RFID technology, have only had limited success. However, the blockchain solution that the WaCo project will release could change all that.

The ValueGo®, blockchain makes it possible to get real-time data on who disposed of the waste, who collected it, where it went, how it was sorted, and much more. WaCo helps to answer all of these questions in a single platform. It is a great solution for everyone involved in the waste disposal ecosystem including government agencies and processing factories. By integrating the blockchain and a decentralized platform, the WaCo project will make it possible to trace waste throughout its lifecycle. The result of all these efforts is a cleaner environment that ensures a better future for the younger generation.To have more details on the project, visit at waco-token, today! Or join the WaCo community.

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