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Vitalik unable to refuse the offer made by Ripple’s father

Vitalik and Ripple

The market of cryptocurrency has been through a huge fall of price in most of the cryptocurrencies, and the slash of the price of Bitcoin could be witnessed on the 12th of April. The biggest proponents of the Etherum and XRP were together in a post of twitter. David Schwartz (The Chief technology officer (CTO) of Ripple) appeared to be quite vocal out there in a post on twitter put up by Brian Armstrong(CEW of coinbase.)

In this post, Armstrong had made a post where he appeared to bring to the discussion about the Zoom CEO  being denied for United States Visa for more than eight times. Here David had replied recalling to Buterin the same sort of incident where he was denied Visa. He replied that he made a try to intern Ripple, but the complications of the US Visa stopped him for a year.

An XRP enthusiast asked a Non-giver of ether to join Ripple as a fresh intern, tagging Schwartz in the tweet. The tweet of Buterin also had the response of the Schwartz and insisted him to join Ripple.

Take a look at the social media!

In the tweet of Schwartz, he stated that the company is always looking for the best interns. Thus, the interns must go for the things they should have accomplished. Some twitter user further replied by saying that the reply was rude to David. He again stated that he deserves a whole lot of respect for all his achievements at such a young age.

The user appeared to have grievances with the comments made by Schwartz. Schwartz then clarified the user saying that the statement was a joke. Vitalik knows that he has nothing but a whole lot of respect for him. He respects the works and achievements he has managed to achieve.

The Bitcoin is falling by a rate of 7.62% and is continuing its falls to 0.92% in the back hour. Over the past week, the bitcoin has managed to show a growth of 20.39%. This also has a 24-hour trading value of 4296 million. The Bitcoin has a high trade on the Binance via USDT and BNB pair.

From the past day, ADA is falling7.37%, and the fall is keeping up the continuation of 1.93% over an hour. This has fallen 12.29% over the past week and is known to have the 24-hours trading volume of $92 million.

The cryptocurrency market has now witnessed a major slash of the price.  The exchange of the words on the platforms like those of Twitter showcase the present scenario of the technical experts of the cryptocurrencies. The only way to unlock the opportunity of the growth and development of the banks in the Southeast is to ease the pain of the expensive and slow process of global remittances with the services powered by blockchain. The driving change in technology can help to bring about the change.

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