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Vitalik Buterin- the creator, claims Ethereum 2.0 will be on Time

Vitalik Buterin- the creator, claims Ethereum

Ethereum goes through some sort of difficulties after the debate over upgrades in mining rewards. As per reports, the cryptocurrency and decentralized platform, Ethereum shows some issues. As a result, debates are going on for implementation of its upgrades and changes in mining rewards. Therefore, it led people to wonder about the strength of the platform. Even, people suggested that they would not keep their schedule.

On the other hand, the creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin does not allow the continuation of such rumors. He claims that everything is going as per the plan.

Buterin has a visible presence with the cryptocurrency and decentralized platform. But, the actual development of Ethereum is a result of collective efforts. It consists of organizations’ and independent people’s effort that led to the development.

Unhappy User Posts Comment on Ethereum

There were a lot of conflicts which challenged the faith of the consumers. It was due to the follow up of a bear market since 2017. As a result, it gave birth to negative events with Ethereum. With the separation of Ari, doubt began to arise with the negative publicity of Ethereum. Even, the most optimistic communities began to doubt.

Reportedly, one unhappy user posts Reddit comment on Ethereum. He questions the potential of Ethereum and its negative influence on the people. He says that the amount of fund is incredible for Ethereum for the last 12-16 months. But, the user also highlights the negativity of it. He says that despite the entire negative thing, Vitalik is still determined to move forward.

On the other hand, Buterin responds and backlashes all the rumors. He points out that the person involved in the development of Ethereum 2.0 complete their task on time. Buterin also claims that the progress of Ethereum 2.0 is up to date. He clears that despite all the criticism, they are perfectly doing their tasks. Buterin emphasized on the progress report of the development. According to him, there is no delay even for a single day for development.

Buterin Emphasizes on Teamwork towards Development of Ethereum 2.0

In short, Buterin gives importance to the teamwork. He also felt the urge to correct the assumption of users. In addition to Buterin, in the conversation other comments were optimistic. Although, Buterin runs the show, behind the scene teamwork of contributors is the main key. The functional capacity of the platform comes from teamwork.

At present, the date of release of Ethereum 2.0 remains a mystery. However, with the facts showing the hard work of the community, a good result is what everyone expects. There are fair chances that the new version will not disappoint people.

However, Ethereum switches from proof of work to proof of stake according to data. It will provide a model to people and organizations to hold their coins.  As a result, it will have a way to maintain the network and earn block rewards.

Back in 2018, the core developers of Ethereum decided to abandon many measures of the hybrid model. Instead, they set out a path that will deliver good results, however, may take time. 

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