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Vitalik Buterin asks the BCH community to “not compromise” with Craig Wright

Vitalik Buterin

In a recent turn of events, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin tweeted that according to him, the BCH community should not compromise with nChain founder Craig Wright. The tweet follows a discussion that took place a few days back among the technical community of Bitcoin cash. A development group backed by Craig Wright that vows to create a new full node client had fuelled the heated debate.

The new nChain backed full node client has been designed without any “unnecessary changes” that have been added to the most popular BCH full node client, Bitcoin ABC. With the new node, the company aims to provide a platform for miners who support the original vision of the Bitcoin protocol. With this, nChain also proposes to solve the infamous problem of scalability with on-chain solutions, instead of opting technologies like Plasma and Lightning Network that are meant for the second layer.

“The BCH community should NOT compromise with Craig Wright to “avoid a split” and should embrace it as an opportunity to conclusively ostracize and reject him,” tweeted Buterin. “Bitcoin Craig (BCC) can go take the ticker symbol from the now-defunct cryptocurrency to which it is a fitting successor,” he further added.

Wright believes that if Bitcoin ABC, the full node that’s currently used by most miners, activates two new opcodes during its hard fork in November, then it could lead to ”unlicensed gambling.” The fork has been planned to extend the goals of Bitcoin that include becoming a faster and agiler form of digital cash. However, it is incompatible with nChain’s hard fork plan of raising the block size limit to 128 MB from the current limit of 32 MB.

This is not the first time when Vitalik Buterin detested Craig Wright. During a Q&A session in April at the Deconomy conference in South Korea, Buterin took the microphone and criticised the technical arguments that had been made by Wright. “Given that he makes so many nonsensical claims, why is this fraud allowed to speak at this conference?” Buterin asked the crowd. 

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