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Victorieum: A Propitious Step Towards Manifesting an Efficient Crypto Banking System


The number of people moving towards decentralized banking services in different parts of the world is growing exponentially every year. In the traditional banking system, every operation is facilitated with the inevitable help of mediators and managers. However, the number of mediators involved proportionately increases the operational costs. Victorieum is determined to eliminate the role of mediators from the banking system, hence, not only reducing the cost of operation but also cutting down on delays by creating an autonomous system.

A Move Beyond the Legal Barriers

Victorieum is a blockchain-based project that aims to deploy a platform that facilitates secure, convenient, and fast banking services. The consistent rise in the number of emerging cryptocurrency and blockchain projects is strengthening the employment of crypto for various online transactions and privacy. The changing scenario has triggered insecurities among many traditional banking systems, eventually leading several nations to enforce bans on virtual currencies. With Victorieum’s off-shore full-service crypto banking system, one does not need to be limited to the geographical reach of a traditional banking system anymore. The platform directly aims at achieving transparency in global crypto trading.

Founded by Meshal Alenezi and ideated by some influential minds across various domains of expertise and nationalities, Victorieum takes pride in being a self-sustaining crypto fintech ecosystem that functions just like any other renowned bank with multiple financial services, but with cryptocurrencies as the medium of exchange.

For an incipient blockchain venture, Victorieum has already developed multiple inherent characteristics that set it apart from many others in the race.

Salient features of Victorieum

  • The Victorieum online bank can be accessed by users from anywhere across the globe. Following the initial KYC procedure, once approved, members can effortlessly carry out all cryptocurrency operations on the thoroughly accessorized platform.  
  • With the integrated digital functions of TrezorTM and CivicTM, Victorieum users will be able to indulge in non-repudiable transactions involving various currencies with supreme security. It ensures that users can promptly trade, exchange, invest or swap between crypto-crypto, crypto-fiat and fiat-crypto pairs.
  • Victorieum has designed its own crypto exchange, the Victorieum Token that can be utilized by users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the platform. The Victorieum token has recently been dubbed as the ‘Next Generation Cryptocurrency’ by the crypto commonality.
  • Its provision of E-Wallet and C-Wallet to Victorieum account holders extensively supports and simplifies the online trading stratagem.
  • It features a high throughput algorithm to enable high-speed transactions and handle millions of transactions per second. Victorieum users can lend money on the platform and are saved from the hassles of bureaucracy with features such as availing a loan within 24 hours.
  • The platform makes available a wide range of investment services like asset management, private wealth management, insurance advisory and many more to corporate as well as individual clients.
  • Victorieum’s user compliance makes sure the user’s KYC procedure is genuine and verified before allowing him/her access to its features; thus, eliminating the scope of illegal activities.

Further, Victorieum has specified certain Passive Income Programs to its token holders where the eligible users can enroll, lock in the VTM coin for a fixed duration and receive a certain percentage of the profit on a monthly basis.

The platform has been built naturally keeping in mind the end user experience, emphasizing performance and value delivery. Victorieum also offers Silver, Gold and Platinum cards services depending on the number of tokens held by the user.

The platform has one major objective i.e. acting as the ‘middle-ground‘ between heavy regulations imposed by governments and institutions, blooming cryptocurrency projects and crypto-investors. As developments continue in the crypto-verse, the hold of crypto against fiat for online transactions and privacy is gaining momentum. Conclusively, Victorieum is all set to revolutionise the blockchain space with its unique platform solution.


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