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USD Reserve as a Swiss compliant payment solution

Decentralized finance is celebrated for its capabilities to optimize the centralized payment network. DeFi creates a next-gen payment solution powered by blockchain technology to offer faster, cheaper, and safer transactions with cross interoperability. However, centralized finance has several financial services that cannot be ignored as they help in day-to-day transactions.

Several platforms have aimed to achieve a balance between traditional and decentralized finance. However, USDR has succeeded in combining the best technological and historical practices to create a frictionless global transaction system. USD Reserve is supported by Gold and offers fast and cheaper transactions with inherent protection against crypto volatility.

What is USDR?

USDR is a European payment token that offers a Swiss-compliant payment solution that helps it to become the internet’s reserve currency. USDR, while a decentralized ecosystem, amalgamates the best historical financial practices to offer unique and rewarding experiences to its users. 

The crypto ecosystem is volatile, which generates a sense of distrust in new users. However, USDR ensures protection against volatility by partnering with Brother International GMBH. Pertaining to this partnership, GMBH has supplied $600 million worth of Gold to support the initial issuance of the coin. 

USDR also ensures cross-chain interoperability, flexibility, and scalability by working simultaneously on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. The payment token offers a perfect payment solution with fast and secure transactions at low fees. The cross-chain operability will be increased by launching the payment token on other networks. Moreover, USDR ensures legal compatibility as it is issued in compliance with Swiss laws. Users can sell and buy USDR using various fiat currencies and enjoy its features. 

Supply Tracker

USDR Supply Tracker ensures transparency throughout the token issuance and development. The company only expands the circulating supply when processing mined Gold so that every minted token is justified and supported by Gold. USDR provides supply control using its inter-network component.

In addition, the USDR payment token is interchangeable through crypto exchanges and USDR issuance alike. However, using crypto exchanges will mimic the process of buying and selling coins in the circulating supply. 

USDR Decentralized Wallet 

USDR decentralized wallet is a browser extension that allows users to store Ether and other tokens in decentralized apps. Users can buy, store, send and swap tokens securely and transparently using features such as key vault, secure login, token wallet, and token exchange. 

The USD Reserve Wallet offers unparalleled interoperability for apps to connect to various blockchain-based applications. Also, all the keys and data are stored only on the user’s device to ensure safety and privacy. 

USD Reserve operates on several networks simultaneously to ensure that users can switch between networks without any inconvenience. The payment token is designed to be used by any entity looking for a decentralized payment network with advanced interoperability and resistance to volatility. 

USDR payment token is protected using state-of-the-art cryptographically secure, open-source blockchain protocols and smart contracts. Also, the token is pegged to the US dollar in a 1:1 ratio that is fully supported by the gold reserves. 

USD Reserve payment token offers a robust Swiss compliant decentralized payment solution with unparalleled functionalities. 

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