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US Copyright Office Grants Copyright Registrations to Craig Wright

Copyright registrations to Craig Wright

As per reports, Copyright Office of the US grants copyright registrations to Craig Wright. They grant him for the original Bitcoin or BTC whitepaper. Not only this but also they granted Wright most of the original codes. With this move, the authorities support his claims for Satoshi Nakamoto.

The first ever government agency that recognized Wright to be the author of the original whitepaper is the US Copyright Office. They also found him to be the prime writer for 2009’s January published code. As a result, US officials decided for granting him two copyrights. With this, they confirm that Wright is the original Satoshi Nakamoto. The two copyrights existed from around the middle of April. It implies that the US official new already the legacy of Bitcoin’s whitepaper.

Jimmy Nguyen, founder of the blockchain company, nChain is thrilled with the news

As the news came out, many people showed enthusiasm and interest. Among them, the founder of a blockchain company nChain comes forward to express his enthusiasm. For the record, Jimmy Nguyen is the founder of the company nChain. Nguyen says that they thrilled with the news that Craig Wright is the mastermind behind whitepaper of Bitcoin. He found the news overwhelming and for the early code that he wrote for Bitcoin.

Further, Nguyen says that Craig understands it better than others about Bitcoin’s massive scaling. He also says that Bitcoin will emerge as the global leader in blockchain technology. Bitcoin now powers billions of people’s electronic cash and is the biggest data ledger in the globe. Top enterprises make use of this distributed ledger technology for their applications. As per matter of fact, Craig Wright works as Chief Scientist in Nguyen’s nChain.

However, these copyrights are only registrations. Even though Wright’s claim needed approval, it does not prove him as the original creator of Bitcoin’s code.

Wright has intentions for assigning copyright registration to Bitcoin Association.

On the contrary, Wright has intentions for assigning copyright registration to Bitcoin Association. Concisely, Bitcoin Association is a nonprofit organization to support the ecosystem of BSV shortly.

Protesting the hostility of the community

For the record, knowingly submission to Copyright Office for false application leads to a fine of $2,500. And, the authorities handle the process online with a PPT guide for the literary works to submit.

Previously in 2015, Wright started to claim that he was Bitcoin’s original creator or Satoshi. Hence, many industrial figures doubted and media outlets as well. In real, Wright is based in London. Surprisingly, Wright used London’s strict laws to threaten those who dispute his claims.

Originally, Wright was from Bitcoin, but he moved to Bitcoin Cash in August 2017. Wright, along with Calvin Ayre, created BSV or Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. Supposedly, they created BSV to take the protocol of Bitcoin in November to be the original version.

On the other hand, many considered the aggressive claims of Wright over Bitcoin whitepaper as detrimental. Similarly, Binance and Kraken delisted the community BSV from their respective servers. They did so as a protest on the community’s hostility.

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