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Up and Close with ShareMeAll CEO Cyril Pierrefeu and CTO Christian Le Clech


You’ve been involved in the crypto space for a couple years, and you’ve seen the ups and downs this year with the big crypto bull market and the bear market. I’d like to start with your initial thoughts about the ShareMeAll, and the general sentiment behind the concept?

So basically ShareMeAll is an alternative community project. It draws its strength from eSwitch and ShareMeAll market platform. If we talk about eSwitch,  it is a currency which inculcates human sharing values.

Whereas the sharemeall marketplace allows users to openly share their skills online. More importantly, it is not merely limited to just their skill set, it can be items they longer require or even renting accommodation.

We feel extremely proud to say that it is one of cryptocurrency based projects which anyone in the world can use. It will help users connect with each other on a daily basis.

What is eSwitch® and how important is it for your ecosystem?

eSwitch carries utmost importance in our project and has been be created with the motive of serving people and helping them easily access facilities. It is not a false supposition that without eSwitch our project would crumble.

Also, it will serve a token that will be used on the platform which will it make possible to share it with larger user-base services or objects that are no longer serving them.

According to the Roadmap it says in Q3 2019, you will be having 500K on the Mobile App. What are your plans to achieve it?

In order to encourage more users to use our platform, we will give away free ESW. When users sign up they will receive a defined amount of ESW and for each service, they will post on the ShareMeAll sharing platform, they receive free ESW. Thus, merely arriving on the platform will help them earn some ESW allowing them to use the service/product/ hosting of another user.

Why you choose blockchain? Do you think that the centralized system will not be able to solve the real problem? If yes, then how ShareMeAll is solving it?

We chose blockchain as it offers the desired transparency and is secure as compared to other alternative systems. Moreover, it provides easier cross border payments at minimum costs. If you ask us, centralization is a major roadblock as the involvement of middlemen causes unnecessary delays in the processes and many times the benefactor doesn’t receive the actual benefit.

For Mr. Cyril, eSwitch® is an ERC20 Token, do you think that the Ethereum Hard Fork will affect this project by any mean?

Like Ethereum developers we also have been waiting for this update since a long time. As the update will be beneficial for those using ERC-20 protocol. So, we don’t think that the update will affect the project in a negative manner.

For Mr. Christian, from Technical point of view what is the status on the development side.

It goes without saying that executing an ICO requires strategic planning coupled with sincere efforts. We have developed the token economies and are now building the ICO’s user portal. Simultaneously we are working on our sharemeall market platform. It is presently in debug phase. We will launch it in January. After this, we will build our wallet and make our portal multilingual.

As a CEO Mr. Cyril , what do you think about the current market and your plans to reach the Soft Cap/Hard Cap in this difficult environment?

We understand that the present bearish market is a discerning factor. But, we have a strong belief in our project as it can be used by everyone.We have built this project keeping in mind the average psychology of the people.

Our team is always on the anvil and will give in their 200% for successful project execution. Bearish market reminds me of Baron Rothschild’s quote :”It is when the market is down that tomorrow’s projects are created.”

Why should someone invest in ShareMeAll?

Interesting question !!. An investor would be attracted by our project’s reach of billions of users. More importantly, using ESW obtained on our platform at low costs will make it a win win situation.  ShareMeAllwill eliminate fallacies in market place like borders and need for bank account.

Do you have any partnership with any VC, Tech Company, Marketing Agency or Advisory Firm ? If yes then on what grounds?

While we do not have any existing partnerships, we have confirmed several meetings with potential investors at UCIM in Singapore on February 15th.

Last what you would like to say “”

ShareMeAll project can be one of the next big advances of cryptocurrency where it will be possible to use it every day all over the world. We believe that the project will unite population across globe.

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