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Universe Island Review 2022 – Rising Metaverse Gaming Platform

The video game market has likewise seen an increase in the number of in-game buys, which has now become exceptionally standard on the lookout. If we somehow managed to talk numbers, in 2020 alone, gamers bought in-game weapons and different things worth $54 billion. Market specialists foresee the space to develop at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.9%, somewhere in the range of 2020 and 2027.

What is Universe Island?

The Universe Island is a third-individual shooter game with a hidden plot. Universe Island is set in the metaverse, cracked into a few islands, with the fundamental hero of the story being simply the metaverse, with players controlling characters to investigate the metaverse. Likewise, the game includes an  NFT combination and empowers players to encounter story-driven interactivity and activity while fusing digital currency prizes and NFT gear movement.

Understanding the gameplay

Universe Island takes on exemplary third-individual shooter games that have empowered many people to enter the portable gaming space because of a genuinely common constraint to section. The game is beyond playing for amusement only, taking players to a higher level, permitting them to confront and evolve as tip-top players.

The NFTs ecosystem

NFTs, in the gaming market, have empowered another mode called the play-to-acquire mode, which makes in-game financial motivations that players can accomplish when they play the game. The Universe Island permits NFT coordination while enabling buyers to encounter story-driven interactivity. It’s spot-on, mainly when game makers and organizations effectively aim to consolidate blockchain innovation and NFTs into games.


Apart from all the fantastic things, Universe Island has a list of features that stand apart from other gameplays. Let us dig in –

  • Metaverse Gallery — The Metaverse Gallery will empower players to show their Infinity Design NFT collection and UIM NFT assortments.
  • Open World — The available world mode in the game will go about as a preparation world. Any campaign out of the shadows won’t need any energy, and the group has arranged future developments to the open world that will empower players.
  • Local area Engagement — Community commitment will include motivators to players to invest more energy in the metaverse; these impetuses will involve competitions, challenges, and other local area occasions.

Meet the team

Ladislav Liska – Ladislav is the author and CEO of UNIVERSE ISLAND LLC. He has put resources into a few startup projects in the crypto space, and throughout the long term, has acquired critical knowledge into the gaming business.

Myat Shwe Thit – Shwe, Bachelor of Computer Science, is the monetary goddess of Universe Island. Notwithstanding her field of study, she is attracted more to the economic side of the business.

Zdenek Novotny – Zdenek is a splendid coder. Zdenek’s job on the venture is to carry out a data set administration framework, back-end setup, quality control, and in particular, he brings loads of involvement into the group.

Other splendid individuals shape the group, incorporating Ales Vovk and Martin Rubin.

The Tokenomics

UIM token is the virtual in-game token of Universe Island, and it is likewise the crucial monetary driver of the UIM biological system. All in-game prizes are paid in UIM tokens, while token holders can stake their UIM tokens again and acquire marking rewards. A commonplace matchup lasts around 6 minutes, with successful players compensated with UIM tokens. There is an all-out supply of 100,000,000,000 UIM tokens. Users can develop marking awards by celebrating their UIM tokens.

Aside from this, Liquidity pools for UIM tokens to be exchanged against different tokens as liquidity sets will likewise be set up. These pools will be set up on a few decentralized trades on Binance Smart Chain.


Universe Island vows to give gamers a game with serious activity, crypto przes, and NFT joining. The group behind the venture has a detailed guide and comprises experienced heads from the blockchain innovation and gaming spaces.

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