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Twitter War: Binance CEO VS. Expanse founder

Twitter war - Binance VS Expanse

According to the CEO of the largest crypto-exchange with a BNB market capitalisation of $1.3 billion, coins do not need to pay a fee in order to be listed. At least that’s what Changpeng Zhao claimed in his tweet on the 11th of August in response to Christopher Franko’s claim of being quoted 400 BTC in order to be listed on Binance.

Email from Binance

Christopher Franko, the founder of a forked version of Ethereum by the name of ‘Expanse’, claimed that Binance required the sum of 4,000 BTC to list the coin, over email.

400 or 4000 BTC

Zhao emphasized that he would always list coins on the exchange that are good and offer real value to the platform, pointing out various coins that have been listed without any fee. Claims of crypto exchanges charging an exorbitant amount for being listed have been floating around for a while, displaying the need for Zhao to clear the companies name from such rumors.

Scam email by Franko

Zhao addressed the email Franko received head on and emphasised that Binance would not be the kind to quote fees in email nor would they quote it in BTC. This evidently did not sit well with Franco, who then accused Zhao of having his “hand in the cookie jar” and implying the lengths to which their lies might go.

Franco also slung mud at Binance, asking questions about how Binance managed to make over $2 BN during a bear market.

$2bn fee

This twitter argument has made one thing clear, rumors of exchanges such as Binance charging fees to list coins aren’t about to dissipate anytime soon. This will be an argument that can be discussed again and again on a lot of panels and debates, hoping someday we get an answer we are looking.

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