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Tron Foundation rewarded over 21,000 TRX to Github contributors

Tron Foundation rewards

TRON Foundation has repeatedly encouraged Github users to submit their contributions for the TRON project. Based on the submissions in July, the Foundation shared a list of contributors that have been rewarded for their contributions.

As per a Medium blog by TRON Foundation, they have announced rewards worth 21,000 TRX for four “outstanding contributors.” They believe that this is critical for keeping everyone engaged for building a robust Github community, a home for over 28 million developers actively working and collaborating with each other. “We encourage and welcome developers to submit code for TRON project on Github,” the Foundation shared.

The TRON Foundation has awarded the following Github users and developers for their contributions to the open-source project-

Parsifal1984- 9,200 TRX

DevObs1- 9,200 TRX

Sangjoon Moon- 2,600 TRX

Metjm- 510 TRX

Justin Sun, the founder of TRON, also tweeted the list of winners. “We plan to continuously hand out rewards to code contributors over the course of TRON’s future development,” Sun further added.

The Tron network page on Github has a total of 14 repositories, and the top four users have been chosen for contributions to a diverse set of repositories. Github contributor DevObs1 has worked on TronWallet, a completely decentralised peer-to-peer crypto wallet for TRX. Previously in June, he also contributed to the Java implementation of the Tron whitepaper and Tronscan front-end. At the same time, Metjm added to the documentation of TRON project.

Over the past year, 617 contributions have been made to the TRON network as per data available on Github. Further, the months between May and August have experienced a significant proportion of these contributions. By rewarding developers and coders for their work, crypto projects like TRON Foundations are encouraging the Github community to not only contribute to technology but also to the crypto space.

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