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Trevon James, the Bitconnect Promoter, defaults in class action suit

Trevon James

Due to not having responded to the class action lawsuit levied against BitConnect, for which Trevon was named as a defendant, a default has been filed against Trevon James.

Treven James, whose real name is actually Trevon Brown, was served the notice regarding the class-action lawsuit on the April 12th. After the third amended complaint had been filed against him, he was served again.

As of the date of this filing, Defendant JAMES has not filed any paper in response to the Complaint or any of its subsequent amendments.

An entry of default had been recorded on the 23rd of August by the class plaintiffs who then went on to file the motion. The Court Clerk is the individual responsible for recording the entry of default, which is typically filed as the first step before a default judgement.

After the entry of default has been filed, the party responsible for doing so is then able to file a motion of default judgement, which when granted amounts to a loss judgement against the defendant that is non-responsive.

After the request for filing the default, the Florida District Court clerk registered the entry for default against Trevon James on the 24th of August. Due to having ignored the class-action lawsuit levied against him, Trevon has now put himself in the way of a default judgement.

After a brief pause during Bitconnect’s demise, Trevon James has gotten back to posting regularly on his YouTube channel and even posted a video titled, ‘Don’t Watch This’, a few hours prior to the writing of this article.

Some of the recent videos that have been uploaded by Trevon on his channel display James’ new house and his BMW SUV, which are suspected of having been bought using stolen BitConnect investor funds. These purchases are likely to be liquidated to comply with the demands of a default judgement if push comes to shove.

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