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Transforming the Next Generation of B2B Platform With Blockchain

The global B2B market is predicted to be worth $12 trillion by 2020. Despite such an impressive number, B2Bs face a slack due to an inability to forge personal connections with other business partners.

A primary stumbling block is the lack of transparency and consistency that B2Bs deal with each day. Companies are ineffective when it comes to verifying and qualifying new buyers and sellers owing to the scarcity of efficient data mapping. Negotiating with a potential partner can consume weeks before a contract is signed and an agreed amount is paid. However, blockchain can emerge as the saviour here with undisputed technological applications, bridging the gap between the way companies and business partners communicate with each other and their mutual perceptions in the virtual space.

How can blockchain help B2Bs go beyond borders?

Boasting of more than five years of experience in the B2B world, TraDove is a premier B2B social network that has tapped blockchain technology to transform the system. The new project aims to empower companies and business partners to trade, connect, and find each other on a scalable, transparent, and decentralized platform.

The new blockchain-based B2B social network has facilitated interactions with a click of a button. Big data and AI also play a vital role in the project’s business model. TraDove has over 250,000 sellers and corporate buyers spread across more than 100 countries. The company has a furnished business model, and through its ICO and token sale, the primary goal is to leverage blockchain technologies to fuel awareness and exponential growth in the B2B industry. In B2B, it’s all about creating new and innovative opportunities. Empowering decentralized interactions between buyers and sellers.

To boost buyer and seller interaction, B2B precision advertising and for facilitating international trade, TraDove will develop BBCoin, an ERC20 token on Ethereum. The demand for the BBCoin for businesses within the TraDove ecosystem center will be for B2B sales, advertising, marketing and cross-border trade. The ICO will be issuing one bln BBCoins. 50% will be released and thus made available for the TraDove token offering. The remaining 50% will be divided strategically to continue the development of the project as follows:

20%- advertising, marketing, and user acquisition

15%- Supporting the development of the project in long-term and future company usage

10% -Teams and stakeholders

5% – Usage in three to five years to encourage users to invite others to join, and incentives advertising and sales interactions

TraDove’s vision is to disrupt the traditional B2B business model. The team comprises of top-tier experts and business professionals from companies like Alibaba, MIT, LinkedIn, Facebook and Amazon.

With a clear and realistic roadmap under the supervision of an exceptionally knowledgeable team, TraDove is predicted to grow exponentially in the coming years.

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