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Top 10 ICOs of all time

With hundreds of cryptocurrencies being launched daily, some are surely destined for a Bitcoin-style explosion. Unfortunately,many will fail to meet the standards.There is no magic formula for success of an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), yet there are a number of ways to measure “success”.

Let’s have a glance at the 10 most successful ICO’s of all time.

  1. NEO
  • Popularly known as “China’s Ethereum”, NEO also uses smart contract applications, with the addition of decentralized commerce, digitized assets and identification.
  • It owes its success partly due to the big names backing it.
  • It is giving the investors every reason to be confident as it strong supporters include Microsoft, Alibaba and the Chinese government.
  • Considering the huge hike in token value from $0.03 to $88.20, NEO surely has big things coming with a 294,000%ROI.
  1.  Stratis
  • By craftily creating a platform compatible with .NET and C#, the Stratis platform is surely appealing to the veteran users of Microsoft products. For financial institutions, Stratis is the obvious choice.
  • It offers businesses the ability to create, test and deploy custom applications without the need to set up or maintain their infrastructure.
  • Having raised 915 BTC in 5 weeks, those who cashed in on the low investment of,  $0.01 per token have a giant ROI of 56,000%.
  1.   Ethereum
  • Four years after the boom of Bitcoin in 2011, Ethereum entered the marketplace and nailed it.
  • Its ROI has been nothing short of jaw-dropping 230,00%. Having its tokens priced at $0.31, an Ether token now sits at a whopping $713-a close second only to Bitcoin.
  • Ethereum with its massive potential for application and innovation has enthralled the interest of the corporate world keen to exploit the potential for smart contract applications.
  1.  SpectreCoin
  • Having enabled users to send and receive currency worldwide with total anonymity, its currencies like SpectreCoin that have left most government tax offices with lurking trepidation.
  • With the optimal utilization of the Tor network and some heavy-handed encryption, SpectreCoin is all but untraceable- a great aider to anonymity in the world of cryptocurrency.
  • For a token brought for $0.001 would be worth 0.64, giving a huge ROI of 64,000%.
  1. Ark
  • The Ark’s platform SmartBridge makes the collaboration –the name if the game.
  • The system has been designed to integrate other cryptocurrencies into its blockchain.
  • With a team with 15 core members from 11 different countries – the project is decentralized inside out.
  • Investors have made a massive gain of 35,400%, given the current token price of $3.54.
  1. Lisk
  • Allowing the developers to create their own apps and run them on side chains, the world’s first modular blockchain –based platform, Lisk, is a natural choice for programmers.
  • It is built with Javascript.
  • After raising $5.8million in 4 weeks at $0.076 per token, Lisk’s current ROI is at 19,080%.
  1. Storj
  • The platform is aiming to become the ultimate cloud storage facility – the first one to be based on the blockchain.
  • It is  more cheaper, faster  and secure than any existing system.
  • Users can buy free hard drive space or rent it out in exchange for currency.
  • It reached its cap of $30,000,000 in less than a week, tokens are up at 11,888% and steadily growing.
  1. DigixDAO
  • DigixDAO gives grants to different projects that promote the growth of the DGX network.
  • It has been created by Digix Global.
  • The DGX token has been backed by physical gold bullion.1 DGX token equals to 1 gram of physical gold kept in a vault in Singapore.
  • Its current value is $346.88 per token, which gives an ROI of 10,722%.
  1. Populous
  • Built off the Ethereum protocol, it provides the average investor, the ability to participate in an alternative finance marketplace.’
  • It  has allowed investors from any part of the world to invest in an invoice sold by an invoice seller from anywhere in the world.
  • After raising more than 10 million dollars in June 2017, the value of tokens has increased by 6,800%.
  1. QTUM
  • QTUM is the world’s first proof of stake smart contracts platform.
  • It is an open-source value transfer platform which focuses on mobile decentralized apps.
  • It is meant to be used as a value transfer protocol, like Bitcoin and a smart contract platform, like Ethereum.
  • A highly successful ICO was launched in March 2017 and an ROI of 6400% has been seen.

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