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Tippr sends over $100,000 in BCH transactions on Reddit

Tippr sends BCH worth $100,000 on Reddit Transactions

In early 2018, the BCH tip bot, well known as Tippr distributed thousands of BCH tips on Twitter and Reddit. Exclusively targeting Reddit this week, according to Tippr statistics, the bot has tipped users over $100,000 worth of Bitcoin cash since the app’s release.

The Bitcoin cash transactions (tx) have low network fees of around $0.003 per tx. Consequently, distributing tips and microtransactions often occur within the BCH community. For example, the Reddit platform has been celebrating ‘Tipping Tuesday,’ a day where a lot of tips are distributed to Bitcoin cash followers on Reddit.

While investigating through many cryptocurrency Twitter threads, the Tippr bot has been observed tipping users with small fractions of BCH as anybody can use the platform for transactions. Usually, when individuals tip funds on Reddit, they use a platform called Tippr, a bot that sends BCH exchanges by command.

From the time when Tipper was released, the platform has witnessed over $100,000 worth of BCH transactions ever since its incorporation with Reddit. The statistics show that Reddit customers have sent 34,227 BCH tips to over 15,000 exclusive users. The top five tippers on Reddit today are u/asicshack, u/jarenfeser, u/grant-meaccess, u/mobitcoinmoproblems and u/cryptorebel.

Just by scrolling through the app’s profile timeline on Twitter, individuals can also observe a group of BCH transactions being carried out throughout the social media platform. On the other hand, Tippr also has an index which suggests people how to use Tippr bot commands online.

Tippr is BCH tip-bot for Twitter and Reddit that permits users to reward good content. For instance, if a user sees something he likes, and wants to back the authors, then he/she can pay them by leaving a tip.

While using the tipping bot on Reddit, users can call “/u/tippr” and write the amount of BCH they wish to transfer to any Reddit customers. For instance, on Twitter, users can enter “$0.50 @tipprbot” or simply any amount they want to transfer and tag another Twitter user in the particular post.

BCH users can also use another tipping platform on Reddit called as Chaintip. The application also operates on Github. The bot was created and managed by the payment processing firm and digital goods marketplace Rocketr.


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