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Three reasons to still buy Bitcoin in 2019

The BTC bulls are seemingly coming back in town. The second quarter of 2019 has witnessed BTC price highs that were first established in 2017. With wider acceptance of Bitcoin and their faster integration in the global market, 2019 still seems to be a great time to buy Bitcoin indonesia. While the anticipations are still countless, here are a few reasons why it is still relevant to buy Bitcoin in 2019.

  1. The rate at which Bitcoin is establishing its global growth

The bitcoin evaluation as of now stands at $9,596.91. The steep price aside, the world is still adopting Bitcoin and integrating it in several relevant sectors. This rise in Bitcoin adoption can be seen in the steady rise of users having BTC wallet throughout 2018. The company data also shows that has been a 10 million jump from 22 million users in the past 12 months. Furthermore, the trading volume at most bitcoin exchanges is still on the rise which suggests that the adoption rate for Bitcoin is still growing. Most specifically in countries like Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, and Chile, which showed an increase in the trade volumes since 2018. Lightning Network has also paved the way for merchants to adopt Bitcoin as a faster and cheaper alternative payment channel.

  1. Regulations are being implemented

The G20 meeting held in 2018 had made things clear that there will be a global regulatory structure for assets such as this. The regulators were also keen on assuring that crypto trades will stick to rules that are similar to forex and equity trading. Regulations once implemented would attract retail investors to join the franchise. It will also be giving a stamp of accreditation which institutional investors like an insurance company; pension funds or mutual funds require for investment in assets. With the ongoing framework of KYC checks and regulations on token sales, anticipated enforcement of regulation can be expected for a better trading ecosystem for Bitcoin traders.

  1. Bitcoin has always passed its all-time high threshold after each price crash.

Over the last ten here, Bitcoin had a turbulent and equally mesmerizing growth with peaks and troughs. Ironically enough Bitcoin has been called dead exactly 340 times in media. To everyone’s utter surprise, it made reprisals, surpassing its all-time high. In the last quarter of 2013, Bitcoin, for the time hit its symbolic $1000 mark but was followed by a price collapse in the next two years. But in 2017, Bitcoin hit the $1000 mark again, surpassing its former all-time high threshold with a new one evaluated at $20,000 each coin and bitcoin faucets list. So, with historical backing at your hand, it can be estimated that Bitcoin will continually surpass its all-time high over the years. While the Bitcoin developments have been shadowed over since last year, the next twelve months, however, could see positive developments which would be reflected in its evaluation.

These three reasons try to surmise why it’s still relevant to invest in Bitcoin, as of 2019.


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