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The Upcoming Eve of Yooshi Ecosystem Explosion? “Metaverse Hackathon” Event Held by Yooshi & Metaverse Alliance is Kicking Off

After technology giants such as Facebook and Microsoft announced their big push into Metaverse, Metaverse has become the most popular topic nowadays. The game is recognized as the prototype of the Metaverse, especially for the community-autonomous blockchain game, a large number of players and investors from all over the world were attracted by the charm of its Play to Earn mode, and it even once became the most popular investment sector in the entire crypto asset field.

YooShi perfectly seized the opportunities in this wave of Metaverse & Blokchain Game. In just six months, YooShi quickly grew from a Meme project to a blcokchain game Metaverse of NFT+GameFi Incubator+P2E Guild Alliance. The blockchain games DNAxCAT and StarMon incubated by YooShi are also welcomed by the global blockchain game community for their high-quality game interface, diverse gameplay and broad development prospects. Today, YooShi has been among the top of the industry and has become one of the most representative Metaverse projects in the field of cryptocurrency. Therefore, it must also shoulder the important task of promoting the development of the industry.

On December 1, 2021, the “Metaverse Hackathon” jointly organized by YooShi and Metaverse Alliance was officially launched. This Hackathon event can be said to be the largest event in the blockchain Metaverse field, with a total prize pool of up to 50 million U.S. dollars!

The lineup of institutions for this event is also very strong. In addition to the top projects in the field of blockchain games such as YooShi, Flow, and YGG, there are also established investment institutions such as Republic, Danhua Capital, and Liaode Capital, as well as well-known crypto trading platforms such as Huobi, OKEX, and MEXC. The purpose of the event is to fully tap the potential projects related to Metaverse so that to fully empower other sectors like Metaverse Infrastructure, GameFi, DAO, SocialFi, NFT. This will be a very rare opportunity for those developers or teams interested in entering the Metaverse because high-quality project teams will directly receive various financial grants, and a series of following institutional support.

In fact, YooShi has formed its own industrial system in promoting the development of the Metaverse blockchain game industry, including YooShi Labs, which provides technical support for developers, YooShi GamePad, the first NFT-based game crowdfunding platform on the BSC, and P2E Guild Alliance, which aims to become a bridge between blockchain games and players.

As a participant in the YooShi ecosystem, you should at least be able to see two positive signs in this Metaverse Hackathon: 1. The YooShi ecosystem has developed rapidly, and its leading position in the field of blockchain games and Metaverse has been won by major top organizations. 2. YooShi’s development goal is to become a blockchain game version Steam. In this event, more excellent development teams will be contacted, perhaps more high-quality blockchain games will be launched through YooShi GamePad and become a new node in the Yooshi blockchain game ecosystem.

Recently, the first chain game DNAxCAT incubated by YooShi has been officially launched. The super high Play to Earn revenue is attracting a large number of players. The cumulative trading volume of the cat NFT market of DNAxCAT alone has exceeded 52,000 BNB (worth about 33 million Dollar)! At the same time, the second blockchain game StarMon incubated by YooShi has also entered the elite testing stage, and it is expected that the game will be officially launched soon.

Since the launch of YooShi GamePad, DNAxCAT and StarMon have brought at least a hundred times of revenue to participating players before the game is officially launched. This wealth effect has naturally become the reason why the majority of the blockchain game communities continue to pay attention to the YooShi trends. It is conceivable how popular the next chain game will be when it is launched. However, a blockchain game that can be widely recognized by the market needs to excel in terms of game quality, economics model design, and playability. Perhaps this is also why YooShi GamePad does not easily start the next blockchain game project.

As more Metaverse Hackathon events are held, the blockchain game industry will develop faster, and more high-quality blockchain game projects will emerge on the market. By then, YooShi’s head effect will have been formed, and the gathered enormous resources and influence will accelerate the expansion of the blockchain game ecology. Moreover, in addition to the huge investment payback that gained by participating in YooShi GamePad, YooShi’s economic model design also enable YOOSHI token holders to become the biggest winners, because part of the market transaction service fees related to all YooShi incubation blockchain game projects will flow into the YooShi value system, more incubation blockchain games means more momentum for the value of YOOSHI.

Metaverse is still in its early stages in both traditional technology and blockchain fields, and everything has just begun. If you don’t want to miss the benefits of Metaverse development, it may be a very good choice to participate in the YooShi ecosystem and grow together with it.


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