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The UAS: Building A Strong Foundation on the Principles of a Free-Market Economy

The current economic status is seemingly deteriorating owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, even before the epidemic, a variety of constraints has hit almost every nation globally. From high taxations, price controls to strict regulatory obligations.

A free-market economy typically means an economy that is not bound to any barriers. Private sectors usually own most of the resources in a free market setup. Generation of new ideas is highly likely; therefore, entrepreneurs barely rely on the authorities to inform them of any customer’s needs.

However, without the right plans and procedures, free markets can experience market failures. Working with a profit-motivated mindset, without considering the needs of a worker or consumer can lead to a crippling market.

The United Allied States is on a mission to unite willing nations and grant its citizens unlimited freedom. The global sovereign ecosystem hopes to work on principles that assist in the generation of wealth. Currently, a majority of countries deploy a mixed economic system.

Ultimately meaning that the countries utilize economic freedoms, and at the same time, rely on legal intervention. As for UAS, it poses as a free society, unified and ready for a fresh beginning.

Characteristics of Free-Market Economy

There are a few factors to consider when evaluating if a market is free or not. Free-market economies display three important aspects to stand for their structure and principles. These are:


  • Freedom: Anyone with a business idea, as long as it is legal, has the right to participate in the free market.  It differs with current government regulations that limit who enters the market, trade, establish businesses, and more.
  • Individual Control: Anyone involved in the free has complete control over the decisions and undertakings concerning their trade. They are under less strict regulations to conduct their endeavors within the market making it more efficient.
  • Profitability: Since everyone sets their own prices on products, they can earn whatever they wish. Furthermore, there are chances of instigating interest rates within the market. Anyone can be an investor or entrepreneur, set up capital formations, compete, earn their profits, and more.


The Future Prospects of UAS Concerning a Free-Market Economy

As earlier mentioned, UAS is working on a vision to encourage the creation of wealth and boost the economic growth of nations. It all starts by signing an energy treaty between the UAS and the member nation. Every sovereign economic zone is responsible for providing critical resources like employment opportunities, food, and appropriate infrastructure.

The treaty serves as an advantage for investors who wish to establish their business endeavors in a business-oriented and income tax-free environment.

For countries that individuals perceive as “risky” in investing within those regions, significant infrastructural developments are positive probabilities. Additionally, UAS enforces specific tax measures that ensure its citizens pay 0% corporate tax and 0% personal income tax.

The absence of tax eliminates any unfair deductions experienced today, realizing the true meaning of freedom with the UAS ecosystem. Apollo Fintech is also onboard with UAS as its official technological partner. Apollo is responsible for providing tailor-made government solutions on behalf of UAS.

UAS plans to use Apollo Fintech products, including the National Currency System, Bank to Bank Network, Mineral Claim System, Tax System, among others. In a statement made by the President of UAS and Apollo Fintech’s CEO, Stephen McCullah, he mentions that collaborating with UAS is a thrilling expedition.

He adds to the sentiments and says that the Apollo team supports UAS’s vision towards a free-market government. UAS gives its citizens and member nations an opportunity to prosper by providing funds to the economy, better-paying jobs, and ensuring scarce resources.

The Benefits that Accompany a Free-Market Economy

UAS is a goal-oriented system considering every vision they need to put in place. Utilizing a uniquely designed government system to establish policies of significantly lower taxes will propel the nations to greater heights.

Elimination of taxes gives its citizens a motivated mind to work, leveling up the economy at the end of the day. Providing citizens with resources that are hard to find might encourage the emergence of innovative ideas.

Besides, UAS is striving hard to ensure there are minimal regulations, therefore fostering the freest nation’s idea on earth. Fewer restrictions could also provide liberation to business entities, no matter the size of the enterprise.

Furthermore, collaborations between UAS and Apollo Fintech is a massive stride for UAS. Leveraging the blockchain technology is eminently going to provide the proper governance tools and utilize the best payment technology. Security and maintenance of a region’s resources under UAS is also another duty that the Apollo team looks forward to fulfilling.


UAS is a new era ecosystem striving to revolutionize the free market economy. It facilitates a liberated kind of environment suitable for citizens to trade.

Implementation of the UAS system can eliminate several challenges faced by a country like unfair taxations, complex regulations, and many more. The treaty serves as a right for everyone despite his or her race or background. UAS also has several goals, asides from providing a free market economy.

Defending the innocent against any form of radical groups is among UAS’s top priorities. UAS provides the necessary resources for children and young adults in the education sector, including research facilities, to encourage innovations and discoveries.

On top of that, it seeks to formulate the strongest currency globally backed by gold. Finally, yet importantly, the UAS overall liberation system is opening an avenue for entrepreneurs by supplying them with the necessary tools to thrive in the market.

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