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The Most Popular Metaverse Blockchain Game – DNAxCAT has been Officially Launched, Join to Achieve Play to Earn!

Taking stock of the recent performance of the crypto asset market, most mainstream crypto assets have shown a continuous downturn. However, the metaverse blockchain game sector is a different story, which not only hasn’t been affected by the market, but also performed well. Moreover, under the background that the concept of metaverse continues to be sought after by global capital, metaverse blockchain game has become an absolute hot spot in the field of crypto assets.The game assets earned and accumulated by blcokchain game players in the early stage through play to earn, in particular, realized a significant appreciation after the outbreak of the game. This wealth effect has attracted countless players to find and participate in the emerging blockchain game.

We quite understand that many novice players are eager to participate in Play to Earn, but the continuously hot concept of metaverse not only makes blockchain game players make money, but also gives birth to many shoddy blockchain game projects. The fundamentals of a game also determine whether its future value system can achieve sustainable growth. If you accidentally choose a blockchain game with poor fundamentals, it may be a double loss of investment and time. In contrast, DNAxCAT is definitely the most noteworthy of attention and participation among current blockchain game projects!

Blockchain game DNAxCAT has been officially launched on November 22nd!

Dnaxcat is the first blockchain game launched by YooShi GamePad, which constructs a digital cat pet world completely controlled by players. The cat characters, plot and scene settings in the DNAxCAT are all from the well-known animation DNAxCAT. Players can set up various powerful teams according to the characteristics of different cats to take risks and earn crypto assets in the DNAxCA world.

DNAxCAT launched NFT blind box sales through YooShi GamePad this August, allowing many participants to obtain more than 100 times the return on investment. This not only accumulated tens of thousands of fans forDNAxCAT in a short time, but also opened the wealth creation journey of YooShi GamePad. Although most players began to pay attention to DNAxCATat that time, the overall project preparation time was earlier, which is why DNAxCAT launched its game test just two months after NFT blind box. During the test period, DNAxCAT won a large number of fans again with its high-quality production, exquisite cat role, game mechanism setting and reasonable token economic system. At the same time, DNAxCAT also won the recommendation of many blockchain game KOLs with hundreds of thousands of fans around the world.

On November 22th, after a series of tests and improvements, DNAxCAT was officially launched. With deserved fundamentals and metaverse in its pomp, DNAxCAT is definitely an unmissable game for new and old blockchain game players!

The following is an introduction to DNAxCAT’s participation threshold and how to enter the game and get rewards, hoping to help more novice players successfully participate in DNAxCAT’s Play to Earn.

Participation threshold of DNAxCAT

In the setting of metaverse blockchain game, the characters, props and lands are scarce negotiable NFT assets. Players want to participate in the game and realize Play to Earn still need to have a specific NFT. DNAxCAT’s cat is a kind of NFT, and also a necessary character to participate in the game. In the PVE adventure, PVP arena and other mode settings of DNAxCAT, the minimum number of cats in one combat is 3 and the maximum number is 5. Players can select and buy cat NFT in DNAxCAT’s marketplace.

Cat Trading Market:

At present, the lowest price of a cat is about 1 BNB, while the lowest price of the egg is about 0.7 BNB. Each egg needs 5 days of incubation to hatch a cat, and the specific information of the cat cannot be known before hatching. For common players, the ways to participate in the game at the lowest cost are as follows: 1. Directly buy 3 cats; 2. Buy two cats, then get an egg through summoning, and then hatch it into a cat; 3. Buy 3 eggs and get 3 cats after the incubation. The cost of participating in Play to Earn in these three ways is between 2 to 3 BNB.

After a period of observation of DNAxCAT, it is found that the value of cats is increasing according to the relationship between supply and demand as more new players have been attracted by DNAxCAT. Especially near the official launch of DNAxCAT, a large number of buyers buy cat NFT in the market, which continuously drives up the price of cat NFT. In addition, because owning a cat NFT can participate in Play to Earn to get benefit, which is also has a value support. For players who want to participate in DNAxCAT for a long time, it is important to pay attention to the quality and abilities of cats, so as to form a strong cat team and enjoy the game experience better.

The basic principle of cat matching is that the main tank in front (based on light and water elements) + the DPS in the rear (based on dark, thunder and fire elements). Secondly, the more skills such as attack, defense, healing and auxiliary a cat possesses, the matching is better.

How to participate in the game

Now that you have a cat, you need to know how to participate in the game.         

  1. Enter the official website of DNAxCAT and click “Play Now” in the upper left corner to enter the game client APP download interface. 
  2. After the download and installation, click the APP icon to start the game. When logging in for the first time, you will need to scan the QR code to bind the wallet.
  3. Go back to the cat market interface, click “My Wallet” in the upper right corner, and then choose “Show QR” on the left.
  4. Click “Scan QR Code” on the login interface of the game APP and scan the QR Code shown in step 1 to log in.
  5. Enter the game successfully.


Ordinary players can get steady Fish Cookies through PVE adventure mode and daily task completion.

Fish Cookie is similar to the SLP in Axie, which is mainly used to summon offspring cats and is also a tradable crypto asset. The upper limit of Fish Cookie a player can get in PVE adventure is 50 per day, and players can also get 50 Fish Cookies per day by completing daily tasks. Normally, players can get 100 Fish Cookies per day!

In PVE mode, players will get a small amount of Fish Cookies after passing each level, but the HP will be consumed after every reward. When the HP reaches 0, player will no longer get rewards until it recovers to 20 the next day. With limited HP, players need to challenge as high a level as possible to get the full 50 Fish Cookies in PVE mode. There is no need for ordinary players to worry, as playing in PVE mode also provides experience points for cat level up, and further improve all aspects of the cat’s combat stats!

In addition to PVE adventure and daily tasks, players with high HP can also battle with other players in PVP arenas and receive 2 Fish Cookies for each victory. (No reward when HP is 0)

Fish Cookie is not currently available in online transaction, but DNAxCAT governance token DXCT has risen more than 100% in the past week, breaking new highs! DNAxCAT hasn’t disappointed players on revenue since the NFT Blind Box went on sale. As DNAxCAT heats up, there are more and more players become increasingly excited about cat NFT summoning. Then the value of Fish Cookie as a must-have consumable to summon offspring cats will also get a big boost.

On the whole, DNAxCAT is not difficult to get started and has good fundamentals. In the future, it plans to launch more scenes such as land construction to gradually realize ecological expansion. Since DNAxCAT is just launched, the earlier you participate, the greater the chance to reap more rewards!

DNAxCAT Official Links:


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