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The Evolution of Blockchain Implementation in Casinos and the Gambling Industry

Today, we can find many casinos moving from offline to online casinos, because people are extreming enjoying gambling using their laptops or mobile phones safely from their homes.

While betting or gambling online players spend the money only for making bets, but not on unnecessary stuff like drinks and snacks. On the other hand, blockchain based casinos made a difference by being much more transparent and trustworthy then that of traditional offline casinos.

As of now, the gambling industry is growing like never before, thanks to the increased penetration of the Internet. Now anyone can play casino games, using the simplest smartphone.

The value of the market reached nearly $449.3 billion in 2018, that’s a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.1% since 2014. Now the expected growth of the market is going to reach 5.9% of a compound annual growth rate, and the size of the market will be at $565.4 billion by 2022.

A truly decentralized online casino: CasinoLand


CasinoLand deems to be the first Tech provider that offers the ultimate solution to solve the alarming issues that lie within centralized casinos.  With the power of Blockchain, CasinoLand aims to build an infrastructure that is completely transparent and autonomous. By combining with Defi features, CasinoLand also strives for player’s benefits, which in reality is opposite to centralized casinos that only operate for profits.


Unlike other online casinos or betting platforms, CasinoLand have a 100% Blockchain based Testnet and decentralized which players can connect metamask (play with Ethereum) and play. 

Unique Aspects: CasinoLand’s non custodial assets holding policy make it more and more trustworthy. Basically the betting method will be similar to swapping on DEX. The house gets 2% fee from the betting amount. 

Token Economics


CLN (CasinoLand) is the native token of the Casinoland Network ecosystem

Used to attract players and game developers through a variety of incentive policies.

The CLN token is developed on the CLNereum platform, ERC-20 standard.

  • TOTAL SUPPLY: 1,000,000,000 CLN

    10% Team: 100,000,000 CLN (Unlock after 2 years)
    20% Reward Staking: 200,000,000 CLN
    20% Reward (contest, jackpot, etc): 200,000,000 CLN (Depending on the price of CLN token, each prize will be calculated)
    20% Reserve funds: 200,000,000 (Marketing fund for partners, game development.)
    10% Token Sale (Unsold token will be burned): 100,000,000 CLN
    10% Liquidity: 100,000,0000 CLN
    10% Airdrop/Bounty/Community


CasinoLand will be launching these features soon

  • Defi platform: Hodler of CLN will receive Rewards in CLN (holders will share 20% of profits)
  • Use 20% of profits to buy back and burn circulating CLN.
  • Great prizes in the contest for users and developers.
  • Many great Airdrop campaigns for users.
  • Smart Contract: 0xad2aa3c57570ad9811ba8ee90316f9c73f78035a

CasinoLand is the world’s first online gambling platform to integrate a blockchain technology with DAO model into the ecosystem. Players will be able to see each transaction, results, and movements on the public blockchain and will also be able to use and utilize the famous DeFi feature i.e. to make passive income. The method is simple, the player need to make deposit of their cAssets to earn extra CLN with a fixed savings rates openly deployed on smart contract 

In addition to this, there will be a concept of borrowers and lenders to earn rewards in each asset with new CLN being distributed on every block of Ethereum.

Let check out the Roadmap of CasinoLand

In Q1-2020, they have already conducted in-depth market research on the Online Casino industry, and have started the development of the CasinoLand platform using Blockchain technology.

On the way, CasinoLand onboarded many other core team members in Q2-2020 so as to diversify their approach. They initially built the sports betting product i.e for Soccer and Baseball and know plan to expand to multiple domains. You can read about the platform in their Whitepaper V0.1

Build the sports betting product for Soccer and Baseball

Q3-2020, they have launched airdrops which bought them massive traction and have formed a huge community. Along with a strong tech and transparency they gained initial trust in the market and with this support they are unstoppable.

Other achieved milestones of Q3-2020 are:

  • Release Github V1.0
  • Social Media Engagement (Airdrop)
  • Private Sale
  • Listing on first Exchange
  • Release Dice — first gambling product
  • Release Wallet v.10

Very soon in Q4-2020, they will be releasing the full betting platform on Soccer and base along with Whitepaper V2.0 and a brand new website with even better and smooth user experience.

The most awaited feature i.e. lending & borrowing on DeFi Protocol will be launching in Q1-2021. And CasinoLand will also be releasing an exciting Android & IOS version for the apps.

The only official website if CasinoLand is If you wish to speak with any of the core team members or would like to see how big is there community do check out the below link:


Telegram Channel:


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