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By now most people these days have heard about cryptocurrencies. But, just because one has heard about it does not mean that the information on how to invest in crypto is that easy. Investment data that is out there on cryptocurrency is in most cases biased, past its sell-by date or if correct the information is too fragmented to provide solid leads and signals

Cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more recognition and people are intrigued to purchasing crypto assets. However, how could you find everything there is to know regarding a specific token or project? Where to find countless tools that will help you make better investment decisions? And where will you learn about future crypto prices?

The answer is 


What is

Do not let the name fool you, is not just a typical news providing platform, it is much more! Newscrypto’s mission is to provide you with all the information you need to avoid blind investments and rookie mistakes. Most information available on cryptocurrency, trading tools, and exchange platforms is either too fragmented, outdated or out-rightly biased. Usually, when you want to trade, you have to open at least three tabs in order to receive sufficient information.

How can I buy bitcoin

Why would you use 

First of all, is a self-funded (non-ICO) project that aims to become the number one educational and informational platform in the crypto industry. The platform is suitable for beginners as well as experts. NewsCrypto achieves this by providing crucial information and educating users about the financial world of crypto assets, with the aid of unique tools, detailed analysis, and a bespoke school program. 

But what makes different from everyone else? 

A wide range of tools and features can be found on, that will change your whole crypto adventure. The platform is targeting those who are already trading, those who are just observing the action and lastly, those who want to become a part of this new era of cryptocurrencies.

Besides tools and trading indicators you can also explore the rich educational program, which will teach you everything about crypto from scratch. Program is designed in a way that can be also used by experienced users as they can dive in and read everything about charts and trading strategies are described. 

Another feature you can find on Newscrypto are predefined charts! There are more than eight pairs with support and resistance lines already drawn which you can then draw on and learn from the best. These charts are professionally drawn meaning you can use them for drawing and posting predictions.

For those who like to create and love to express their charting knowledge, Newscrypto presents you Community predictions section. No need to be an experienced trader, draw a prediction and post it, the community will decide whether the prediction is good or not. Best predictions earn weekly NWC rewards.


Is free to use? 

Yes! At least, most of it. You can register to the platform and freely use all its features such as educational programs, charts, news, etc.. as well as the community predictions section. However, if you desire all the tools on Newscrypto, you will have to pay a small fee in NWC tokens, approximately 3 USD a week.

Newscrypto has designed a three-tier user system that offers different kinds of tools.


  • The Beginner Tier – free to use tools and you should check them every day
  • The intermediate tier- Payable tier with trading tools for intermediate traders
  • The advanced tier – Payable tier with advanced trading indicators for advanced trade

    NewCrypto Dashboard

NWC got listed on HitBTC

NWC has just listed on one of the biggest exchanges HitBTC! You can visit HitBTC today and purchase NWC token with bitcoin or tether. To celebrate this big achievement Newscrypto and HitBTC will start a trading competition that will reward everyone who will trade with Newscrypto coin. 

This is a big step for Newscrypto since HitBTC is number one cryptocurrency exchange in liquidity as well as one of the most popular exchanges at the moment.


NWC token, a good opportunity

To access these tiers we have developed a Newscrypto token, that was built on the Stellar network. NWC is the utility of exchange on the platform that users have to pay. This means that the token has both utility and value-transfer functions within the platform as it carries out transfers of value within the NewsCrypto ecosystem. Not only that the token is built on Stellar, which is a big advantage due to the speed and transparency of the network, but also Newscrypto developed a burning system that permanently burns 20% of the received payments in NWC. By doing so, they are lowering total supply, which reflects on the steady organic growth of an NWC token. 

Token can be purchased on many exchanges such as HitBTC, KuCoin, BigONE, Probit, Cat.ex and Dcoin and many more to come. You can purchase NWC with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and more.


Can i earn NWC tokens? 

Of course! You can join their HOLDERS events, where Newscrypto rewards you if you hold a certain amount of tokens for a period of time. You can draw predictions and get rewarded for them in the NWC token. Also, using the referral program can bring you huge amounts of NWC’s.

What are you waiting for? Join Newscrypto and enjoy the crypto experience.


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