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Tete a Tete with TerraGreen CEO Brad lee and CTO Hannes Klobe


TerraGreen aims to create a global and decentralized Biomass waste management platform.  Building such a network will enable deployment of a huge infrastructure which in turn will provide the necessary impetus for establishing a solid framework for such a system.

We got a chance to get in touch with CEO Mr.Brad Lee and CTO Mr. Hannes Klobe. We were amazed at their acumen and enthusiasm towards TerraGreen.

You’ve been involved in the crypto space for a couple years, and you’ve seen the ups and downs this year with the big crypto bull market and the bear market. I’d like to start with your initial thoughts about the TerraGreen, and the general sentiment behind the concept?

The general thought behind TerraGreen is to use the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency to make the earth (terra) a greener place. We want to revolutionize the concept of how green energy is produced and supplied to the customer.

In contrast with current methods of energy production via fossil fuels like oil, coal and natural gas, TerraGreen focusses on renewable energy that is generated from waste materials.

Environmental stress to earth has induced an urgent quest for innovation in the energy structure on a global scale. As evidence by the 148 nations who ratified Paris Climate Accord, there is profound interest in fostering a cleaner future as these nations agreed to fulfill its responsibility by capping GHG emissions as soon as possible.

However, the measures taken by companies and governments addressing global warming due to climate change are often tainted with controversial, insincerity, inconsistent policies and conflicting interest.

It has been far too long since people have placed hope and trust on big companies and the governments to bring about change and lead the way for generation of green energy to mitigate the catastrophic effect of climate change.

In hindsight the enormity of global warming is mainly due to disconnection between the energy users and energy producers. The users have no way to control or influence the generation of energy and have to completely rely on the companies or governments’ profundity in managing the energy supply.

It is well known, that climate change poses the risk of having significant negative impact on future generations and the use of traditional measures have proven to be insufficient over the long term.

TerraGreen is all about bringing reform in the existing energy supply structure and transition to a new energy system through the use of the blockchain technology, that can fundamentally reduce GHG emissions and mitigate waste pollution.


TerraGreen is a DAO based ecosystem, whereby renewable energies are tokenized and can be used by the community in exchange for fiat currency or payment for energy consumed. But we are not stopping there, we want to use the blockchain technology in a way that users can monitor how the energy is produced and what it is used for.

We intend to break down the wall between energy providers and the public, so that people get involved and influence how their energy is produced.

In the end TerraGreen purpose is to create a truly sustainable and clean community while directly allowing consumers to participate in the renewable energy industry in a positive manner.

It is all in our own interest to stop the pollution by coal and oil and move to an age of renewable energies. We have only one earth and we need to take good care of it.




Whats is the key to keep TerraGreen (Your Team) Team Motivated towards its goal?

TerraGreen’s vision is tied to every team member’s beliefs and goals. This shared vision inspires, motivates and engages TerraGreen team members in achieving a green future and making the world a better place.

Connecting the blockchain technology with “real world” renewable energy projects is a challenging task but seeing the results and realising a renewable energy-based society is a great motivation itself.


Why do you think that there is a need for micro-managing biomass wastes?

If you take a look into the news around the world, we notice that waste is one of the most critical problems for us already. As humanity, we are rapidly growing and therefore increasing the need for food and energy and hence the production of waste materials. This development is not sustainable and is already having a great impact on earth and ourselves.

Just like for energy, people tend to forget the supply chain behind their consumption. Everyone is happy if power is coming out of the outlet and waste just vanishes conveniently. We all trust that it will be taken care of and hope that it is done in a clean way. But honestly nobody thinks about it much.

If you actually look closer, the waste market is a huge way to gain profit for big companies. The cheapest way to dump waste is used, even at the expense of doing damage to the environment. We have seen this all over the world. Sometimes making the biggest profit is just not the best way for humanity to go.

Instead of blindly trusting companies to handle the problem, it makes a lot more sense to give tools to the community to witness, control and get involved in the matter.

If people see themselves what impact is has if they separate their wastes, if they don’t use unnecessary plastic or what kind of refuse is produced all along supply chains (for example agricultural wastes), we can bring a badly needed change to the piles of waste we are living on.


Why TerraGreen chose Green Paper instead of White Paper?

TerraGreen intends to be one step ahead of other blockchain projects. We are planning to address both the current challenges in fossil based energy supply structure and the impact of waste materials on the environment. TerraGreen integrates these two problems into solutions that actually reduce GHG emissions.

In fact, TerraGreen is the only DAO that empowers people to participate in solving real environmental problems using advanced technology to create renewable energy as a mitigating tool to meet requirements for sustainable living.

Henceforth, TerraGreen whose objective is in-line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, is one of the first of its kind. To highlight this we named our White Paper as Green Paper which explains the green background.


Your Green Paper says “TerraGreen is essentially a DAO ” Please put some light here.

In TerraGreen we are not interested in building a central intelligence to make decisions in the same way other companies or governments do. Currently the energy supply structure and environmental pollution are in a way disconnected from the people.

We in TerraGreen truly believe, that the way to make earth a truly sustainable place to live for all generations to come is, to involve the people directly.

The blockchain technology gives us the possibility to create an organisation that can be controlled by everyone. That is what we call a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO). The concept is, to have a set of rules which are transparent and written on the blockchain.

Following those public and unchangeable rules, people can vote in which direction they want the renewable energy projects to go and which projects to be implemented. This approach is grass-roots democracy based and uses the swarm intelligence of the participants.


Would like to ask Mr. Hannes Klobe – Whats happening in terms of development and from a technical point of view why you think Blockchain or Decentralization is the best way to do it?

Currently we live in a centralized world. All the data is produced and stored by central organisations or persons. Through that there is a huge potential to manipulate and misuse the data for the interest of the ones being in control over it. We have seen major scandals in practically every big industry.

Pharmacy, food supply, finance, healthcare, energy production and waste management, just to name a few. At the moment people have no control or information over the amount and quality of energy being produced and there are hardly any ways to influence companies or bring change if you are not satisfied.

Decentralizing certain parts of the industry and giving the authority back to the people will be a major step towards a more equitable world. The blockchain technology gives TerraGreen the tools to build a decentralized system which is open to everyone, secure and free from manipulation, besides having real time information of energy generation to usage.

By this, people can influence the energy generation sector to a large extent and ensure renewable energy generated are tapped from certain resources, for example waste.

We intend to implement a remuneration mechanism where people are rewarded for participating directly in converting waste material into renewable energy products. This is done via the tokenization process where green energy products are tokenized and people who own tokens can have access certain rewards.

Each token holder therefore also contributes to a sustainable, green energy production. Each token shows the quantity and quality of power, in forms of the energy source and supply chain. To make that possible, we do not rely on the Ethereum platform (ERC-20) but use the SHA384 algorithm to hash the information.


As a CEO Mr. Brad, what do you think about the current market and your plans to reach the Soft Cap/Hard Cap in this difficult environment?

In the last years we have seen a very volatile market. While Bitcoin was surely overhyped in late 2017, we now observe a normalization of the market. In the long run the crypto currencies will stabilize and rise again. That is because the blockchain technology has a great value itself. It can even be used to revolutionize entire industries.

We have seen a lot of ICOs raising money to solve no real problems. We also observed a lot of crypto start-ups in the field where three years later nobody knows what they are actually doing.

We have been working on creating renewable energy projects for years and want to bring the digital value of the coins into real projects. We are one of the first in the field to go that way and we are already seeing a great interest of the public.

TerraGreen uses many ways to connect with the community. We are active on most social media platforms (Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn), crypto-forums (Bitcointalk, Bitcoin garden, Moon forum) and reputable news media.

Furthermore we attend cryptocurrency conferences to meet investors and share the vision of TerraGreen. Naturally, we also have access to the extensive network of our experienced advisors for reaching major investors or crypto funds.


Why should someone invest in TerraGreen?

Everyone is aware of the utmost urgency climate change and the growth of population brings to all of us. Most people we encounter are willing to contribute to make the earth a greener place for the future but at the same time nobody knows what they can do to bring a significant change.

In our eyes it is not the will that is missing, but the tools. TerraGreen can provide those tools and give the people the power back to decide and control where their energy comes from.

In the end the issue of climate change is too big and serious to let single individuals in government or business positions decide the future of mankind.

Furthermore TerraGreen’s renewable energy projects encompass real and tangible products e.g. biodiesel, briquettes, green hydrogen and electricity and these innovations can drive the world economy to a more sustainable future.


Does TerraGreen have any partnership with any Renewable Energy Companies? If yes then on what grounds?

TerraGreen has signed contracts with several renewable energy developers in the ASEAN region. Namely AVI Renewable Sdn Bhd, Ajil Biofuel Sdn Bhd, Raub Energy Ventures Sdn Bhd, PTPN V. These companies are researching and developing the latest green technology and have been successfully building multiple renewable energy plants in the past years.

Since we have recruited several TerraGreen team members from technology &  project  advisors in these companies we can build on a substantial advantage in terms of knowledge and experience.



What is your Business Model to run this company? 

With the raised funds TerraGreen will be able to realise the projects which are described in the Green Paper, with the partnered companies.

Based on Smart Contracts, the renewable energy that is created by the implemented projects, will be tokenized. While a part of the generated profit is declared as a dividend for the token holders, another part will be used to sustain and develop the TerraGreen platform.

We can then use the platform to raise more funds for future projects and start to scale up. Since TerraGreen will be a DAO, the community will have transparency through the projects and can decide the direction of the next steps.

In the future we are looking forward to other companies joining that concept and using TerraGreen platform to deploy more waste-to-energy infrastructure.  


Last what you would like to say..!!

In our opinion it is high time, that the blockchain technology starts being used for other purposes than making people rich or creating digital applications for technology geeks.

We want to create a value with the technology that you can actually see and feel, which has a purpose for the general public and brings a change to the better of the world. We want to make the world a greener and better place to live. That’s what TerraGreen stands for.


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