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Sharukh Khan

Karen Peralta has an extensive background in Training. She is a Communication and Process Trainer by profession, consistently awarded by the companies she had supported: Sutherland, Alorica and Concentrix. She started as a freelance writer for Coinedict and climbed her way to becoming Consultant Content Manager due to her strong enthusiasm in blockchain.

Sukriti Leekha is an Economics major by qualification, and writer by profession. She has been an active contributor to the blockchain space. As an economist, she is interested in the financial scope of cryptocurrencies, and as an individual, she is passionate about the latest technologies. When she is not researching, she spends her time travelling, exploring the entrepreneurial space, or losing herself in a book.

Supriya holds a masters degree in Applied Physics. She has a keen interest in exploring new technologies and expresses her curiosity by writing for various technology platforms. She is an avid follower of Blockchain technology. She strongly believes that blockchain will bring lasting transformations in people’s lives in the years to come.

Simran Singh Sabherwal holds a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism and is currently a  content creator at Coinedict. He is an individual with eclectic taste in the occult, esoteric and anything in relation to what happens behind the veil of perception. He also has a keen interest in the interplay of film, geopolitics, espionage and psychological warfare.


Shanker Dayal Mishra

Shanker holds a masters in Biotechnology and is currently a journalist. A biotechnologist to journalist has seen it all in his transition. He is very meticulous about his work and optimistic in approach to life and nature. He is an ardent learner and has special proclivity towards blockchain and internet of things. In his spare time, he loves reading self inspirational books, watching action movies and cooking. His optimistic approach has given him few successful stories over the past few years.


Arvind Singh
Senior Global Brand Manager

Arvind Singh holds an MBA in Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. As a brand manager, he pays minute details to every facet and brings an array of unconventional ideas to the table. He takes keen interest in outdoor sports, international politics, vedic astrology, bollywood movies and soft music. He firmly believe, that Blockchain is the next big thing and will revolutionize the information sector. He has always been enthusiastic about bringing brands to public face. He has effectively worked with several branding agencies and is a great addition to the Coinedict team.


Parul Aggarwal
Lead Developer

Ms. Aggarwal has a keen interest in technical working of the web. She has always shown a knack for understanding and implementing the special needs for user interface. She is the go to person when we start facing any trouble with website, be it a minor issue with a plug or a major problem as a website crash, she always has a solution. A special talent in UI/UX designing has joined as a lead developer..


June Lisa
Head of Business Development & PR

June Lisa is an entrepreneur and private investor in blockchain projects of early stages. She has played an important role in advising a lot of ICOs who have made it big in the industry. A knack for understanding the need for changes that are to be done in order to make things work in the different sects of people. She has made it possible to build strategic relations with different media houses and journalist to build a strong networking connection. 


Apoorv Gupta
Marketing Manager

Apoorv Gupta has completed his Engineering in Information Technology. He understands the ins and outs of the market and has spent most of his time understanding and devising plans to help ICOs bring their ideas to the public ground. A lot of ICOs have Apoorv as their advisor. He has always been interested in media marketing, finally decided to join us on board as the Marketing Manager. He is a strong believer of the fact that “Knowledge grows when it is shared”.  He has given his opinions on various platforms regarding the market flow and has effectively worked to bridge the gap between the market and knowledge.

Mohit Mamoria is the CEO of Authorito Capital, an open-ended crypto fund. His vision to get everyone on blockchain and passion for writing are the driving forces behind his contribution to Coinedict. At 25, he is a serial entrepreneur with a keen interest in reading, blogging, and tweeting.