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Team Satoshi says, ‘Bitcoin is hope for the future of humanity’

The world is in doldrums amid the massive economic slowdown brought about by the global health crisis, and the founders of Bitcoin have attempted to reinforce people’s belief in decentralization. The Satoshi Nakamoto team has released a video, addressing crypto enthusiasts, while reassuring them about how it is still backing its vision of creating a united community by harnessing the power of Blockchain and Bitcoin. 

Satoshi’s idea behind inventing Bitcoin was to give back people the authority over their own financial data by including them into a decentralized network, where no single entity has entire control. And, it is needless to mention that Bitcoin has proved to be the most popular application of blockchain technology. 

Blockchain has undoubtedly proved its potential over the years by imparting safety, security, and transparency. Global corporations have bought into the idea of blockchain technology as well as digital currencies. However, the core objective of the founders i.e Decentralization has somewhat not been completely achieved. Moreover, innumerable attempts by hackers and fraudsters to take control and contaminate blockchain systems have made people cynical. 

In this video, the team talks about how it has been working behind the scenes all these years to ensure that the idea of complete decentralization comes into being, thus allowing everyone to achieve ‘data freedom’ and make an equal contribution towards the future – rather than letting centralized organizations to run the world. Addressing the aspect of non-believers, the team has deemed them as mere ‘charlatans’. 

The Satoshi Nakamoto team further assured that they are continuously working towards enhanced security, and made optimistic comments about Bitcoin being the potential savior of humanity, in a situation when traditional systems are failing. 

If we delve deeper into their claims, we must realize that crypto, especially Bitcoin has somewhat remained stable when the global markets have crashed. While stocks are plummeting, and banks are being unable to come to the rescue by lending money, the crypto lending sector has maintained its poise and offered to help. Interestingly, cash demand across the world has also reduced, and people are acknowledging the power of Bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies in fighting crises like the existing pandemic. 

So, if you are a believer, hang in there! And if you’re not, wake up and watch this interactive video named ‘Bitcoin is hope for the future of humanity!’ published by the Satoshi Nakamoto team, which provides rational reasoning behind the progress of Bitcoin. 

To me, the goosebump moment was – “We will get through this as we have in the past. One block at a time. We are with you in the race. The human race. Onward for the win. From all of us at Satoshi Nakamoto to all of you. Be safe.”


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