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Sustainable Sugar Project Awarded Grant by Australian Government

According to Foodnavigator-Asia reports, the Australian government has granted $1.7 million to the Sustainable Sugar Project. The project will use Blockchain technology to track the origin of sugar supplies to Australia. The initiative is also known as the Smart Cane Best Management (BMP) is a vital part of the sugar industry push for better sustainability and traceability.

Canegrowers told Foodnavigator-Asia: “Blockchain’s main attribute is that it’s a secure database in which all transactions are recorded and visible… the quality sugar produced from the sustainably-grown cane can be traced back through the chain, giving consumers confidence in what they are buying.”

Several industry experts and sugarcane farmers have collaborated on best practices and industry standards based on sustainability, productivity, and profitability. Large buyers would need to pay more in the future for sustainable sugar due to increasing demands for sustainably-sourced products.

Agriculture Minister David Littleproud said:“This technology would provide assurances around the sustainability of our sugar and ensure cane farmers using sustainable practices can attract a premium for their product.”

Blockchain has proved to be a great boon for supply chain applications and logistics and is rapidly gaining prominence as a cheaper and efficient way to trace complex supply chains on a global scale. Earlier this month, Oracle released its blockchain platform focusing on supply chain authentication and transaction efficiency.

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