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Stratus by Apollo Fintech: The Most Complete Social Network

The Most Complete Social Network

Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest social media platform in the globe today. The platform has garnered a user adoption of over 2.7 billion monthly users as of 2020. Paralleling or replacing the services of a network this big is considered impossible. However, Apollo fintech’s CEO, Stephen Mccullah, thinks otherwise. Apollo fintech is unveiling a blockchain social media platform to phase out Facebook completely. 

The all-inclusive platform, dubbed Stratus, features all Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Youtube, Medium, Telegram, and Tiktok functionalities. This network will have its center on the Apollo blockchain. The ecosystem will solve some of today’s social media troubles and give a safe networking platform. Here are some of the features that will ensure the platform surpasses Facebook.

Friends Nearby

For many, the primary reason for having a Facebook account is to maximize its friend’s features. That means connecting with hundreds, maybe thousands of friends see their posts and interact.

Stratus aims to implant the friends’ nearby feature to its system. Users will connect, interact, use direct communication features, and react to friends’ posts.

Groups and Pages

A recent statistic shows that close to 1.4 billion people use Facebook groups monthly. That is nearly half of the number of active Facebook users. Groups connect people with similar agendas. For example, there may be groups for political rallies, or advertising, and many more. 

Group functionality is going to be a part of the Stratus ecosystem. Users will be able to connect, interact, and discuss various issues affecting the globe. Moreover, just like Facebook, Stratus will have the pages feature, to boost public interactions.


The event feature’s purpose is to allow persons to inform their friends, groups, and pages of upcoming events. Stratus is planning to infuse this functionality on its first launch phase.

The events are of different natures, either public or private events. Only invitees will see the details of the event in their details. When instituting the event, the event owner will choose to allow friends to upload photos or videos. 

Market Place

Facebook marketplace feature is among the most used features globally, with over 800 million users. The aim is to allow them to buy and sell commodities and services. Users post ads on items, property, and many others. 

Stratus plans to add this feature from the unveiling of the ecosystem. The functionality will help users market their products and get the broadest market for their goods.

Video and Audio Sharing

Videos and audios fulfill the entertainment, educational, and marketing roles of social media. Almost all big social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram, merge the features to attract more users.

In just the first phase of its public release, Status will merge audio and video sharing options. Content creators, video advertisers will enjoy the services of the platform.

@Mentions and Tags

@metions are Facebook functionalities where a person writes a comment and mentions another person. The aim of tagging others is to make sure that the post goes viral mostly for communication. 

 Stratus aims to introduce the feature to its core. That is mainly going to attract users since they will have a free marketing and communication platform.

Stratus’ Distinguishing Features

Introducing features that parallel facebook will merely give people a 2nd option to Facebook. However, to phase out Facebook and all the established social networks, Stratus will have to bring something new and unique. The platform will prove to be unique since its inception. 

Data Protection

Data privacy in social media is quite hard to attain. That’s mainly because of the data selling malpractices from the networking giants, including Facebook and Twitter. 

Stratus is, however, proving unique by ultimately protecting user data. Its strict policy does not allow anyone to benefit from other persons’ data. 

Moreover, since Apollo blockchain will hub the ecosystem, it will benefit from the blockchains security features. Apollo offers privacy features like Zk SNARKs, which completely encrypt personal communications.

Freedom of Speech

Facebook is known for social media censorship programs that often deny users the freedom of speech. Content creators, either in visual or audio forms, need to be sure of their content’s safety.

Stratus, however, is changing that by merging freedom of speech in social media. It is giving content creators what they need, the safety of their content. Stratus will only censor illegal information. 

Giving users the security of their data will drive more people to adopt Stratus’s services, thus leaving the insecure platforms. 

Apollo Currency and Knox Exchange

Almost all social media platforms don’t host payment platforms. After users connect and want to complete a trade, they will need a 3rd party platform like PayPal to complete transactions. 

Stratus brings economic value to social media, one that is lacking today. Stratus will have the Knox world pay platform and the Apollo currency for the completion of transactions.

Final Word

Although Facebook is the biggest social media platform currently, its era is almost coming to an end. Stratus will not only give a replacement for Facebook services; it’s going to offer even better services. Stratus, however, is not just replacing Facebook; it’s planning to thrive and ultimately outdo the internet in providing services. As a blockchain social networking ecosystem, it will have the economic value of driving faster crypto adoption to the world. 

Stratus will also feature a user-friendly dashboard that will ease the use for everyone. Using a single pair of login details, users will access all social networking services. As a replacement for Facebook, Stratus will let freedom of expression prevail. Steve Mccullah will make Stratus the ultimate replacement for Facebook and the internet. 

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