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StarMon: 3D Play To Earn Blockchain Game! New Era, New Adventure

A new metaverse based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is scheduled to be officially launched in September. Keep an eye on Star Monster (StarMon) — a 3D play-to-earn game with exquisite graphics, fascinating storyline, and various virtual super creatures you can collect, train, and trade.

The new era of GameFi investment has arrived. With more and more investors, gamers, and individuals paying attention to this digital landscape, the BSC-powered game StarMon comes into play.

StarMon: Play to Earn

StarMon is a 3D version of the play-to-earn game model that combines blockchain and virtual reality (VR) technology together. Every collection of creatures with magical superpowers — StarMons — is unparalleled and will provide players with an unprecedented gaming experience.

In this innovative gaming scene, the operation of all the property owned by players is the same as in the real world. This is an economy where players determine ownership entirely, allowing players to freely sell game assets and digital currency transactions.

Game players can improve their game skills and earn token revenue by collecting and cultivating star pets and letting them engage in adventurous battles.

More importantly, star pets can be freely traded as a scarce non-fungible token (NFT) asset. This blockchain gaming world will be dominated by players, and the digital assets inside will be completely under the control of players globally.

In addition to NFT assets, StarMon runs with two types of BEP-20 tokens — SMON and GST. SMON as a governance token motivates players to actively participate in the game and let its tokenholders influence the future development of the game. On the other hand, GST is mainly used for star pet breeding in the game.

Making the play-to-earn functionality into reality, players can obtain SMON and GST from the StarMon game, bringing a more enjoyable and lucrative experience for players.

Andres: The Battle and Adventure World of StarMons

The virtual world of Andres is the home to the star pets StarMons which are the core characters in the StarMon game. The Andres is composed of a quantity of lands which will be presented in the form of NFT. Here anyone can buy and own virtual StarMon Land, collect and forge props, and make new friends.

After entering the Andres, players can earn tokens through games and contributions to the ecosystem. Players can collect, train and trade StarMons as well as use them to do adventure and battle to improve the player’s own game skills and strive to become the most dazzling StarMons trainer on the Andres.

Each StarMon is uniquely designed with its own ability, appearance and rarity. Players need to rely on star pets to participate in multiple game modes in the game. They can also cultivate new StarMons with unique attributes based on different genes and place them on the market for trading in exchange for token revenue.

It is worthy to note that high-quality and rare StarMons will gain better market attention, making its price rise alongside the increase of gamers.

With billions of possible gene combinations, each StarMon has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Players need to constantly sharpen their skills and build their own exclusive StarMon team to defeat their opponents. To explain, the battle modes within StarMon are divided into single player mode, multiplayer mode and tournament. In every victorious game, players can get SMON and GST tokenized rewards.

More so, Andres is composed of several land plots, which will be presented in the form of NFT. Here, anyone can buy and own a part of the plot, collect props and creatively build the space, and meet new friends.

In addition to the above-mentioned gameplay, players can also create an exclusive image in the StarMon world to reflect their unique taste and style. Integrating AR and LBS technologies as well, the bridge between the virtual world and the real world is achieved to deliver the best gaming experience.

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