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sMiles Makes it Easy to Earn Bitcoin through Everyday Activities

Crypto developers who use gamification techniques on their platforms have succeeded in making the crypto space more accessible to the average person. After all, we all like games and we all enjoy being rewarded for an achievement. By adding game elements to blockchain technology, developers have made entering the blockchain industry much less daunting and much more enjoyable for the average person. While engaging in these games, players can learn more about the cryptocurrency space while also having fun.

What is gamification and how does it apply to Bitcoin?

Gamification is taking a platform that already exists and building game-related elements into it so that people have more fun engaging with the platform. The ability of a blockchain to provide secure record-keeping and enable cryptocurrency transactions makes it ideal for such applications. Various services have already established new channels to take advantage of the potential of gamification in blockchain technology. For example, projects like Sandblock have used smart contracts to make their loyalty program campaigns more efficient. CryptoKitties, a digital game, also demonstrates how crypto tokens can effectively represent ownership of digital assets. These examples also show how blockchain has restored fairness and trust in the gaming industry.

Crypto developers who have recognized and harnessed the power of gamification are having an easier time winning more people over to their projects and turning these people into a loyal community. Gamification works so well in crypto because, until recently, the industry has been a niche space that is understood by few. Add to that the face that gamification is the perfect strategy to boost engagement with a brand and get people to learn complex things more easily. When you consider this, you’ll understand why Bitcoin and gaming are a match made in heaven.

As a crypto developer, you want to win people over to your project. However, people are still wary about investing in the crypto industry. For this reason, it helps to encourage people to explore your project in a way that makes them feel like the stakes are low. This is where gamification comes in. By introducing gamification aspects to your cryptocurrency project, you can help people to play around with your crypto product while learning more about how it works in a fun way. As these people play what seem like silly games on your platform, they can learn about the more technical aspects of your crypto product without having to spend a lot of mental energy doing research. Gamification of your platform also allows them to learn more about your ethos and get invested in your vision. Over time, these people become driven investors and loyal members of your online community.

Ultimately, the integration of gamification into the cryptocurrency industry has transformed what was originally a scary space for the average person into an accessible space. What’s more, by adopting gamification, many developers are actually earning trust from people who were originally too anxious about the risks of investing in Bitcoin.

What kind of gamification strategies have proven effective?

Offering rewards is one of the most common gamification strategies. Brands can provide users with rewards for frequency of use, purchasing goods, accomplishing personal goals, participating in quizzes and competitions, sharing posts with their friends, and inviting other people to join the platform. This not only helps to retain user interest but also increases brand loyalty. The types of rewards can include cash rewards, digital goods that can be exchanged for real goods, and in-app currency that can be spent on the platform. In other words, you can offer anything that provides value to your target audience.

Previously, critics frequently complained that loyalty programs were solely focused on increasing profits for businesses. Loyalty point campaigns with biased rules don’t encourage clients to participate in any activities. The transparency that blockchain provides can help to eliminate such unfair loyalty programs. Smart contracts can be used to keep track of the mechanisms that run these campaigns. Since smart contracts are transparent, it is possible to see if companies are offering unfair terms and conditions. Customers also have more flexibility with their loyalty points thanks to the use of digital currencies. Many loyalty programs only allow these points to be used for specific purposes where the points can only be redeemed at their respective businesses. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are interoperable and can be exchanged for other tokens or fiat money.

If companies do not want to collaborate with other businesses to create a universal digital loyalty token, they can opt for interchangeable tokens. Customers have more options when it comes to how they use rewards, which increases the value of the loyalty program and encourages customers to buy more from the brand. Since cryptocurrencies have value beyond the brand that issued them, digital reward tokens can be used to buy other products and pay for services from other companies. The end result is a loyalty coin economy, which increases in value as it is used more frequently.

Progress display is also an element of gamification. We like to see how far we have moved towards achieving our goals and what improvements have been made. This inspires us to keep going and even increase our efforts. As much as we might not like to admit it, we like to be recognized for our accomplishments. Similarly, seeing ourselves improve is definitely a huge motivation. Even so, tracking our progress is not big enough of a motivation for us to stick to our goals when used on its own. On the other hand, when we can compare our achievements with other people, it becomes a lot more interesting and tempting to participate to prove who is the winner. For this reason, many platforms will include a leaderboard to rank the efforts of different users.

How sMiles is using gamification

The team at sMiles understands how rewarding the gamification of the Bitcoin space can be, both for crypto developers and for the general public. This team is helping users to experience gamification securely and earn Bitcoin by engaging in everyday activities. sMiles has launched a platform that gamifies Bitcoin rewards. With sMiles, users can earn free Bitcoin from things they do on a daily basis whether it is walking, shopping, gaming, and more. Pretty much everyone wants to own Bitcoin these days, but not everyone has the means to do so.
sMiles is on a mission to enable people earning Bitcoin – while making users healthier, wealthier, and happier. sMiles is currently the only mobile platform that enables users to earn Bitcoin from everyday activities.

For more information about sMiles’s platform, click here.

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