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SFC Went Live On PancakeSwap, Rising More Than 820%, Participate In DNAxCAT To Enjoy The Ultimate Play To Earn Experience

If you still admire players of Axie Infinity in the early stage getting paid well for playing to Earn, you may also admire players who participate DNAxCAT during this period in the near future.

DNAxCAT is a fully player-controlled metaverse blockchain game of digital cats and pets. Since the launch of gem NFT sales through YooShi GamePad in August this year, DNAxCAT has been attracting the attention of the global blockchain game community. After passing Alpha and Elite testing, DNAxCAT officially launched on November 22th.

Being similar to Axe Infinity, DNAxCAT adopted a dual-token mechanism: DXCT is a governance token for the game ecosystem, with a fixed total amount of 100 million. Learn more about the specific distribution through the official channel of DNAxCAT. SFC ( Fish Cookie) is the main source of revenue for players to Play to Earn, and SFC can be used for summoning offspring cat NFT.

DNAxCAT injected 200,000 USDT and 400,000 SFC into PancakeSwap liquidity pool at 11:30 UTC on November 26th, and synchronically started SFC/USDT transactions. The initial price of SFC was 0.5 USDT and peaked at 4.12 USDT after the opening, rising more than 820%! As of press time, the price of SFC remained stable above 2 USDT. What income level does this represent for players targeted at Play to Earn?

The main ways to earn SFC in DNAxCAT are PVE adventures, PVP arenas and daily missions. According to the amount of SFC earned by each way, we can make a summary.

  1. PVE Adventure

DNAxCAT’s PVE adventure mode consists of 40 stages in which players build their own cat teams to battle against monsters controlled by the game program. Only passing the previous stage the next one will be unlocked, and the later the stage is, the harder it is to win, but the more SFC rewards players will get, as shown below:

Each player will have 20 HP per day, and each time they successfully pass a stage to earn the corresponding SFC reward, one HP will be accordingly be consumed. When the HP runs out, players will no longer get the PVE adventure rewards until the refresh of HP the next day. The maximum number of SFC’s players can earn per day in PVE Adventure is 50, meaning players need to challenge stages beyond 11 to earn the maximum 50 SFC’s before the HP runs out.

This will limit the player’s SFC acquisition rate for the first few days, but as the player’s cat’s NFT level increases, it will become easier to challenge later stages and fully earn the 50 SFC rewards in the PVE adventure.

  1. PVP Arena

PVP arenas are battles between players, with ranked points and 2 SFC awarded for each win. Since winning or losing in PVP arenas consumes one HP, the best option is to maximize SFC gains in PVE mode first, and then increase your chances of getting more SFC gains in PVP arenas.

In addition, players who rank high in PVP still have a chance to get rich ranking rewards, which will not be explained in detail for it’s difficult for ordinary players. 

3Daily Mission

DNAxCAT players will also receive 50 SFC rewards after completing daily missions, including daily login, 10 PVE victories, and 5 PVP victories.

Players can participate in PVP without HP, and the number of victories is counted in daily missions. Taken together, even ordinary players can earn a total of 100 SFC back-to-back benefits from 50 SFCs in PVE Adventure plus 50 SFCs in Daily Mission per day!

In terms of investment, participation in DNAxCAT’s Play to Earn requires a minimum of 3 cat NFT, and a maximum of 5 cats can play the game at the same time. Based on the current DNAxCAT cat NFT market, the minimum cost for ordinary players can be kept under $3,000. At current SFC price, the period of input-output is only 2 to 3 weeks.

Such ROI is at the very top even in today’s hot blockchain game field, and it will also attract more players to DNAxCAT and stimulate the prosperity of cat NFT trading market. The application scenario of SFC is as the cost of cat breeding, not to mention the current market cat NFT base has reached a certain magnitude, and the NFT summoning of offspring cats will continue to accelerate. Finally, supply and demand will become the continuous value support of SFC.

GameFi blockchain game has become the most popular investment sector of crypto asset, and will usher in a greater outbreak under the support of the metaverse cusp. As a high-quality Play to Earn blockchain game, DNAxCAT has advantages such as low threshold, rich gameplay and large community base, which definitely deserves the attention of new blockchain players. Currently, DNAxCAT is just released, and the sooner you participate, the faster you can achieve return on your investment. What you are going to do next is to enjoy the real fun of Play to Earn!


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