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Ripple’s XRP now launching on crypto payment platform, starts accepting ripple

Southeast Asia’s leading blockchain enabled platform is now going to be integrating Ripple XRP within its platform. The Filipino cryptocurrency news website BitPinas and Twitter user John Fhilip attested to XRP being launched on the cryptocurrency payment platform.

John Fhilip's Tweet


Coins enable individuals without access to bank accounts to be able to readily access financial services from the convenience of their mobile phone. Coins allow customers to have instant access to a mobile wallet and services varying from remittances, air-time, bill payments and e-shopping from merchants who trade digital currencies for goods.

This is a big break for Ripple’s XRP as its reach is now going to be spread out to over 300 million plus individuals who are currently not utilising banking services within the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia. Ripple’s XRP joins the league of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash within the Coins platform.

The news of XRP being included on received a varied reaction on Reddit. Some agreed that this would be a great option to expand the cryptocurrency market. A reddit user by the name of claussph commented “This is cool news. I’ll try it out once the price goes back up a little.…. People don’t see that a USD pairing is only really interesting from a traders perspective – for now. From a business perspective xRapid is addressing Asian currency pairings that are illiquid. USD pairings don’t really play a role currently”.

Whereas, some were very disappointed with this fact relating to its conversion in fiat currency. Followed by comments which questioned the potential of a lucrative cryptocurrency as XRP in the market for usage of paying bills.

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