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Ripa Exchange – An Unconventional Hybrid-Decentralized Exchange

Ripa Exchange

Entry into the cryptocurrency exchange landscape is an expensive and complicated venture to accomplish. Ripa Exchange is a crypto asset ecosystem that is developed on ARK-blockchain technology to facilitate easy entry into the crypto exchange sphere. It is a hybrid-decentralized exchange that emphasizes on lowering the costs associated with setting up a new exchange platform and providing crypto-traders with a transparent and secure trading system to ensure an optimized trading experience.

Core Features of Ripa Exchange

Some of the fundamental features of Ripa Exchange are:

● Open Source Code
Ripa Exchange has incorporated the open source code of Peatio to extend a seamless trading experience. This enables users to access services offered by RipaEx free of cost. But users will have to pay for some functions associated with the operation of the ecosystem including network security, call center operation, etc.

● Interactive UX/UI
The Ripa team has designed an innovative UX and UI. It enables users to efficiently register and log into their accounts within a few clicks. Additionally, it also offers easy deposit as well as the withdrawal of funds.

● Bank-Grade Security
RipaEx is encrypted with an effective safety measure – AES 256, that helps in eliminating the chances of security attacks and safeguards the private data of users. AES is robust encryption, which is used by many globally reckoned fintech enterprises.

● Support Multiple Currencies and Exchanges
Peatio enables users to make more than one trading accounts within the RipaExx system. This allows users to trade in multiple currencies via a single platform.

● Enterprise Exchange
The platform offers a high-performance machine, scalable distributed worker threads, and SMS two-factor authentication.

● Multi-Currency Trading and Multi-Language Support

RipaEx enables trading in various cryptocurrencies that includes BTC, USDT, Steem, DGB, BCH, XRP, ETH, LTC, DOGE, ARK, etc. Moreover, the Peatio blockchain supports multiple languages to promote accessibility of the platform all around the world.

● Increased Liquidity
Ripa Exchange envisions to offer high liquidity to its users in order to make the exchange process more efficient and seamless. Moreover, the integration of dedicated RipaEx Blockchain further ensures traders and investors higher liquidity.

● Proof of Solvency
Peatio offers Proof of Solvency system, that allows users to verify the solvency of Peatio- based cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Ripa Blockchain

Ripa has developed its dedicated blockchain which operates on the DPOS protocol and incorporates XPX token (P). The Ripa Blockchain allows users to:
● List new cryptocurrencies on the exchanges
● Promote new projects
● Buy RipaEx gadgets on the RipaEx Store
● Pay for goods and services on authorized reseller platforms via the RipaExx POS
● Share liquidity between Ripa Exchanges within the same network

Transaction Fees

For normal transactions, the platform charges P 0.1, however, it is subjected to change after the launch of the Ripa Blockchain. Currently, the platform has established the following fee structure for various functions:-

● Transaction – P 0.1
● Vote – P 1
● Second Signature – P 1
● Multiple Signature – P 1 per signature along with P 1 per account signing
● Registering a delegate – P 5

Token Distribution
The platform aims to offer 115,000,000 XPX (Ripa) tokens and distribute these tokens in the following manner:-
● 65% – PreSale and RipaEx TEC
● 15% – RipaEx founders team
● 6% – Marketing
● 5% – Bounties
● 5% – RCF
● 4% – SCIC

The fund collected from the token distribution will be allocated in the following manner :-

● 60% – Project Development
● 20% – Marketing
● 20% – Legal Support
Ripa – Building a User-Centric Crypto Exchange Domain

Establishing a cryptocurrency exchange can be a complicated and expensive task. Ripa is a hybrid-decentralized exchange that envisions to transform the crypto exchange realm and make it more accessible and affordable for users across the globe. Furthermore, it also plans to develop a secure and effective trading ecosystem for traders and investors in order to help them obtain stable and secure ROIs.

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