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Quannabu’s Mission for a Better Technology

Quannabu's Mission for a Better Technology

Quannabu essentially just wants to make a difference. Their primary goal and mission is to develop a fully innovative European CBD sector that is responsive and high in quality that delivers economic benefits, social value, and individual well-being. This can lead the way in producing consistent CBD products of unmatched quality and purity.

To do this efficiently, it has the following structure;

●  Quannabu Trust

The realization of Quannabu’s mission involves the usage and utilization of the undisputable nature of blockchain technology in order to create a fully transparent and trustworthy CBD supply chain, where open access to certified supply chain data will increase the visibility as well as empower the customers, retailers, and manufacturers, with confidence as well as trust the companies they end up purchasing from and consume products from are fully legitimate. This is an open and transparent supply chain that enables the long-term growth as well as the sustainability of the expanding CBD market.

●  Quannabu Pay

Quannabu Pay is this frictionless blockchain platform for conducting payments where businesses, as well as consumers, can quickly, as well as easily transfer the verified funds. The Quannabu Tokens’ implementation is the logical solution to this market that has been experiencing regulation changes on multiple occasions in its history. As a result, the banking and payment issues it currently has can be fully resolved, where a major factor impeding the potential market growth is fully fixed.

●  Quannabu Labs

When advancing the CBD industry in the past, with blockchain technology, previous projects lacked the physical infrastructure required to improve the ecosystem as a whole. Quannabu’s goal and mission are to build a custom building that uses cutting-edge CBD manufacturing as well as testing laboratories that are capable of offering unrivaled assurances as well as certifications. This is the only operation in the world that is dedicated to improving the complete scope of the CBD-related activities, and this is the case both and above the blockchain level.

●  Quannabu Grow

When it comes to Quannabu Grow, this is intended to help satisfy the rapidly growing demand when it comes to pharmaceutical-grade hemp, with the establishment of hemp farms. Through certified testing facilities as well as on-location testing equipment, Quannabu is fully able to consistently as well as accurately test the crops, and the modern growing facilities will set new standards when it comes to the cultivation, and will undoubtedly form the basis of a transparent as well as trustworthy supply chain all-throughout.

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