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Popular Gambling Strategies to Increase Your Winnings

Bitcoin gambling without basic information like the popular gambling strategies sounds absurd. It’s like going to war without plans. There are indeed many strategies out there that also even apply to the in vogue crypto gambling like gamble Bitcoin. Some are with long or short term results while some are game-specific or generally applicable to any casino game. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to see gamblers, especially rookies, be disturbed by how to master gambling strategies or even know the applicable strategies for each game. But we’ve brought you the good news about the popular gambling strategies to increase your winnings and explain how they work. All you need to do is to sit back and carefully go through the explanation below to spice up your Bitcoin gambling experience. 

1. Betting 2% or Less of Your Bankroll

It’s not uncommon to see gamblers, especially rookies who want to make big winnings so early with a starting bet of $15 to $25 on a $200 bankroll. This looks logical because in order to get huge returns you also need huge bets and it looks harmless. However, many gamblers run out of money in no time because of this hence, the rationale behind the strategy is that you start betting with just 2% of your bankroll or even less. This way, you will minimize your loss. This gambling strategy has been helpful in many casino games like blackjack and Caribbean stud poker. The helpfulness of this strategy is more pronounced in skill-based games like daily fantasy sports, poker and crypto sports betting because gamblers in these games are prone to having long winless streaks.

2. Value Betting

Do you seek long-term profit in poker and blackjack card counting games? Then this strategy is for you. This gambling strategy only requires you to spot favourable situations and maximally profit from it. An example of such a favourable situation is when you believe you have the best hand and bets in a way that will extract maximum value from your opponent. However, you should note that in making this strategy work, your wager must be moderate in that it mustn’t be too low so you can gain your targeted maximum value nor should it be too large to force your opponent to fold up. You are also required to be smart with math and be skilled in the game. 

3. The Martingale

Against logic, this strategy requires you to double your bet after every loss with the hope that you can win back your loss and get little profit in addition. This strategy on paper promises consistent short time profits, however, it doesn’t work like magic in that you have to be careful in making even-money bets in order to simplify things and reduce your risk.  This gambling strategy is particularly good for sports betting as a skill-based game because you don’t only win back your losses but also turn the odds in your favour. However, the strategy generally comes with a high risk of loss and you may lose all your bankroll with continuous losing streaks

4. Betting on Baccarat’s Banker Hand

Someone around here is possibly a casual player who doesn’t have much time to master complex gambling strategies. If you are the one, this strategy is perfect for you. This strategy only requires you in baccarat games to make the banker bet every time. The reason is that the banker hand has a lower house edge of 1.06% when compared with the player hand and tie wager which has a higher house edge of 1.24% and 14.36% respectively. 

6. The Labouchere

This is another negative progression strategy like the Martingale but this is less risky. The strategy requires you to start with a unit by choosing a table’s minimum bet.  Thereafter, you project how much you want to win by creating a string of numbers that add up to your desired unit win e.g. 3, 4, 5, 6, 3.  You will then add up the first and last number on the string of numbers to determine your next bet and you cancel out those used numbers after a win or in case you lose, you will add up the numbers and put the resulting number at the back of the remaining string of numbers.  However, the downside of the strategy is that you may end up making huge bets if you continue losing and adding up numbers. 

7. Oscar’s Grind

This particular strategy is helpful to players who want to recover their losses without risking so much. This strategy is the least risky negative progression strategy but it’s a bit complicated. You simply start off by betting 1 unit and you keep your unit size the same when you’re in a winning or losing streak. You are to increase your bet by 1 unit whenever you win following a loss. The bet size stays at this level until you lose, then win again. You can keep chasing your losses this way without going overboard. With this strategy also, you are less likely to reach the table’s limit and this will give you enough opportunity to chase losses. However, Oscar’s Grind strategy can be so confusing hence, it is not recommended for beginners who have learned by using several examples. 

It is good you note all the above popular gambling strategies aren’t magic but they can be very effective when properly mastered and applied. Therefore, to increase winnings and introduce more excitement into your Bitcoin gambling story the above strategies are essential for both rookies and experienced players using crypto.

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