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Play Blockchain Game DNAxCAT, Earn $300+ $SFC Per Day, 1 Week of Payback Period for Civilian Player

The continued hotness of the Metaverse trending has also driven steadily rising popularity of the blockchain game sector, which result in frequent emergence of new blockchain game projects. However, if you comprehensively evaluate the quality of the blockchain game, the popularity of the community, the profit from playing, and the timing of entry, etc., DNAxCAT is definitely the most worthy blockchain game for current players to join in, no one.

DNAxCAT is a digital cat pet world that is completely controlled by the player. With blockchain technology, the player is brought into a complete and popular DNAxCAT IP Metaverse. Players can obtain various cute cats via trading or summoning, and realize Play to Earn by participating in PVE Adventure, PVP Arena and other game scenes, etc. In addition, DNAxCAT’s IP has a certain popularity in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world, and the DNAxCAT game is the first blockchain game launched by YooShi GamPad, which has a fan base of over 200,000 from YooShi ecology. So even if DNAxCAT has only been listed for a week, it has attracted a considerable number of players.

In addition to the quality of the game and the popularity of the community, in fact, blockchain game players are most concerned about the method of participation in Play to Earn, the profit earned from playing, and the payback period. This is also the content that this article will focus on in the next analysis.

DNAxCAT Game Design Analysis

In terms of the tokenomics, DNAxCAT is similar to Axie Infinity, which has two types of tokens: the governance token DXCT and the game token SFC (Small Fish Cake). The total supply of DXCT is fixed at 100 million coins, and the current price is 5.8 USDT. Players can obtain it via liquidity pledge, NFT staking, etc.; the total supply of SFC is variable. It is produced entirely by Play to Earn, and is mainly used for offspring cat NFT summon. SFT is also the main source of revenue for players to participate in Play to Earn, and it can already be traded on PancakeSwap. The current price is 3.7 USDT.

Players need to own 3~5 cat NFTs to participate in the DNAxCAT game scenes, among them PVE Adventure needs to have at least 3 cats while the PVP Arena needs to have 5 cats according to the latest version update. According to the latest situation of the DNAxCAT cat market, the current minimum auction price for cats is around 1.2 BNB. Eggs will be cheaper, as low as 0.9 BNB can be obtained, but you need to wait for the incubation period of up to 5 days.

Participating in DNAxCAT’s PVE Adventure mode can get up to 50 SFCs per day, and they can get another 50 SFCs for completing daily tasks, and these 100 SFCs are basically the benefits that civilian-level players can get. As for the PVP Arena mode, which for players to fight against each other. Although winning with HitPoint can get 2 SFC rewards per round, the participation of civilian players is only to complete 5 PVP victories in daily tasks.

Players will gain 20 points of HitPoint every day. Participating in each round of PVE and PVP battles will consume 1 point. If there is no HitPoint, they will not be rewarded. Therefore, whether civilian-level players or high-level players, the Play to Earn path is to first participate in the PVE Adventure to get as many as 50 SFCs, and then participate in the PVP Arena to win 5 games to meet the daily task reward standard.

After knowing the above information, we can then calculate the investment payback period of DNAxCAT.

 DNAxCAT’s investment payback period calculation

Civilian-level players who want to get 100 SFC daily earning have to own at least 5 cats, which need to invest at least 3,600 USDT based on the current situation of the cat market, it is not too much compared to other blockchain games investment. However, if the reproduction mechanism of DNAxCAT is used cleverly, the cost of 5 cats can be greatly reduced. For example, in the case of the lowest cost, the player can first invest 1.6 BNB (worth about 960 USDT) to obtain two cat eggs, then after hatching into cats, the two cats will be summoned for offspring at a cost of 30 DXCT + 0.2 BNB (Worth about 300 USDT). In this way, you can own 3 cats, and able to participate in the PVE Adventure. These three cats can also be summoned in pairs to obtain another two cats with a total cost of 654 USDT (more summons times, more summon cost). After comprehensive calculation, the total cost of obtaining these five cats is only 960+300+654=1914 USDT

Civilian-level players don’t need to think too much about the quality of the cat. In PVE mode, you can gain EXP by clearing low-level stages to upgrade the cat. After the upgrade, the cat’s combat effectiveness will increase, so the subsequent stages can be cleared more smoothly. In the PVP Arena mode, more losses will lower your ranking until match a more suitable opponent to win.

The current SFC price is 3.7 US dollars, let’s say it’s 3U. Also, according to the theoretical 100 SFCs that players can get every day, we can bring them into the various ways that players invest, and calculate the payback period:

Of course, players can also use other methods. For example, buying 5 cat eggs and waiting for their incubation to participate in Play to Earn, but the payback period is basically 6-12 days. So, compared with other blockchain games, do the civilian players of DNAxCAT have an advantage?

We can compare with the Axie Infinity, the Blockchain game representative and BNX (Cyber Dragon) in the BSC ecology, the recently more popular blockchain game in terms of investment payback.

Even if the DNAxCAT players adopt a relatively high-cost method, they still have an absolute advantage in payback peroid. In addition, the investment payback of DNAxCAT will have a decisive impact on the payback period when the amount of SFCs available per day remains unchanged.

Although the current SFC has already launched on PancakeSwap, the price is basically stable above 3 USDT, when the SFC circulating in the market reaches a certain amount, it will be used for reproduction consumption. The prosperity of the DNAxCAT cat market has made the summon of cat offspring a good business. Players can breed new cats through the summoning system and then sale them on the market, the price difference can reach at least 0.3 BNB. The higher the quality of the cat, the more profitable its offspring. In the face of continuous value-added breeding demand, it will inevitably pump the price of SFC again once SFC is truly turned on as a necessary product for breeding. So don’t miss the current opportunity to participate in DNAxCAT, the time for the real explosion of wealth is yet to come!


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