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Optimised version 1.0.1 source code launched by VeChainThor

According to VeChainThor’s official Twitter handle, the updated source code for blockchain v1.0.1 was released on 3rd August and is available for download on Github. The team has been “working tirelessly” for optimizing the code since the launch of VeChainThor Mainnet.

The current release is primarily dedicated to maintenance, and can remarkably improve the performance of the VeChain blockchain. The source code comes with a fast block synchronization and improvised API document. The blockchain will now be able to tackle malicious P2P content packet, and thus avoid a situation of panic among its users.

VeChainThor has also worked on some of the existing bugs and fixed them as mentioned on the Github page-

“Fix inaccurate error when request API POST /accounts/{address}

Add timeout on processing POST /accounts/{address} and POST /accounts

Fix broken –on-demand flag in solo mode

Set default NAT flag to any”

Ever since its inception two years ago, VeChain has been leveraged across various industries such as agriculture, luxury products, logistics alongside food and drugs. It has also been adopted by local governments. Just a few days ago, VeChain had been acknowledged as the blockchain technology partner of the local government of Gui’an for a smart city project.

Some of the world’s largest enterprises have recognized its potential and are backing the VeChainThor platform. VeChain has also partnered with PwC through an incubator program which gives it access to several global opportunities. The company envisions to be recognized as the next evolution of blockchain, that is 3.0, and eventually be identified as blockchain X.  

VeChainThor began trading at the end of August 2017 at around $0.25. Presently, the value is $0.026321.

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