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Odin: Redefining the new era of Browser

As you may expect for an innovation so broad and consistently transforming, it is difficult to credit the development of the Internet to an individual. The Internet was created by many programmers, scientists and engineers and each person produces new technologies and features that eventually converge to become the “data superhighway”  that we know today.

The internet was invented in the early 1980’s, the world took it onto a more significant form in the 1990’s and it was accepted globally from the starting of the 21st century. The very first advertisement was mentioned on on 27 October 1994. Following that year the internet has been forming a vast community for promoting the brands and online advertising.

Many internet Giants such as Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and Google have hugely profited from the online advertisement market. Challenges come with progress. The advertising firms are dominated by a few network media, and they can also close the doors for products quickly. False advertisements such as phishing keep on surfacing the price of which the user cannot embody.

With the emergence of Odin, an ecological blockchain focused on the advertising industry, the next era of the browser stands to be redefined. Within the Odin browser, users will control the and claim the right to block or read advertisements. Everybody that surfs the web will get token prizes for reading ads. Bad advertisements will be monitored and removed, which will offer a more protected network. You can also “mine” Odin tokens by merely viewing advertisements as you did earlier. Users are able to make the most of their online time by reading/blocking ads to earn money.

The current Odin ecological blockchain is embedding the advertising publishing smart contract with the blockchain technology. It utilises POW (Proof of work) and POC (Proof of contributions) as a joint algorithm to develop the redefined browser, which is going to build a distributed advertising industry. The value which is created by the contents are remoulded, and the delivery method of the content value can be tracked. It also sorted another major issue in the present advertising industry that the copyrights can’t be guaranteed and the value of the content for advertising dispersion can’t be assessed.

Beginning from the origin of the Odin Blockchain, more than one Odin nodes will be appointed as the bookkeeping node to tally the contributions of Odin browser nodes every other contribution accounting cycle and Odin equities will be allotted to the Odin Browser nodes. These nodes will transmit the flux contribution to the network. And lastly, the Odin system maintenance nodes will seize the flux data broadcast with the help of Odin browser nodes, counting the flux and supplying the advertising fees and allotting awards to the browser nodes based to the contribution ratio.

The accounting nodes will synchronise the contribution information of all other Odin framework nodes and check the aggregate of all Odin browser nodes and also circulate the token values of the present bookkeeping cycle as indicated by the contribution proportion of every browser nodes. In the meantime, the advertising expenses are dispensed to browser clients as per the advertiser’s smart contracts.

The POC and POW algorithm will cooperate as incentives to unique content makers, so their content esteems are ensured. Browser users are compensated by reading and blocking ads. Bogus advertisements or commercials with vulgar substance will be blocked, which helps to make the internet a more hospitable arena. These advertisements makers who expended enormous cash with low returns will begin to regulate themselves also.

The user’s trust will be developed slowly. The ad which is placed on the Odin Chain would be paid by utilising the Odin Token. The customer will get the Odin Token reward for reading the ad, and the content maker will likewise get the Odin Token reward expenses for distributing the content. Implementing blockchain technology into browsers is quite inventive, and it’s an extraordinary advancement in the advertising industry.

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