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Nucleus Vision (nCash) – Revolutionising Traditional Shopping Experience

Nuclear Vision nCash

Nucleus Vision ( nCash ) and IOT’s lethal Combination

Nucleus Vision ( nCash ) started in 2014 with a vision to redefine shopping experience for customers. The platform will use customer’s records to make product preferences using the Internet of Things (IoT). The brainchild of Abhishek Pitti, the platform is rapidly disrupting the technological space has come a long way. 

Nuclear Vision ( nCash )

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Key Components of the Nucleus Vision ( nCash ) Network 

  1. A universal loyalty program based on nCash ( Native token of Nucleus Vision )
  2. A unique user identification ecosystem powered by an IoT sensor which instantly identifies a customer walking into an offline retail store.
  3. A blockchain-based user data storage mechanism.
  4. AI-powered intelligence engine which creates a “value score” for each customer. This value score is indicative of the customer’s shopping preferences.

Working of the Nucleus Vision ( nCash ) Platform

The Nucleus Vision platform works in the following manner-

  • First, the retailer’s outlet installs the ION sensor device.
  • Second, the sensor identifies customers within 200 metres to the outlet.
  • Third, the device shares the real-time details of the customer with outlet’s approval.
  •  Lastly, Customers receive recommendations offers and discounts as notifications.
Nucleus Vision ( nCash )
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Nucleus Vision ( nCash ) ION

The store owners can store ION on the Nucleus Vision ( nCash ) platform. The device picks up the identities of individuals by using unique phone signals when individuals are within 200 metres of the device. This is done when the customers are within 200 metres of the device without a need of Bluetooth, wifi, or facial recognition.

Nucleus Vision ( nCash ) NEURON

The details about the customer’s shopping experience are provided and recorded in the global ecosystem called NEURON. The data can also be sold to third parties for specific purposes on the platform. A customer can choose whether to share their information or not. The customers can, in turn, gain rewards in native tokens for sharing their shopping experience.

Interaction with Customers on Nucleus Vision ( nCash ) Platform

  • The store’s ION sensor device recognizes customers within the preset range.
  • The sensor assigns customer ID to the Nucleus Vision ecosystem.
  • The device sends a text ; it could also be a notification for smartphone users.
  • Upon approval, customers are credited with preset tokens on their nCash account. The tokens can in turn, be transferred to any ERC20 compatible wallet.
  • The platform securely transfers customer shopping personal and shopping data to the blockchain.
  • The platform then uses the transferred data to identify related events in future.
  • If there’s no prior record of the customer at the retail outlet, shop owners may ask for more data on the network, giving retailers the privilege to view purchases made previously in other stores.
  • Lastly, store owners have the option to offer tokens to customers for repeat visits to their store.

Nucleus Vision ( nCash ) – Empowering the Retail Sector and providing Security 

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Nucleus Vision ( nCash ) Retail Sector

Above all, Nucleus Vision IoT solution enables retail brands around the world to build and execute a customer-focused shopping experience. Consequently, it leverages data from both in-person and online channels.

Almost all Giant corporations around the globe have traditionally monetized their customer data solely for their own benefit, and have maintained exclusive control over said data. In contrast,  Nucleus Vision shifts the power of data monetization to the customers themselves, enabling them to take full control of their own data, and the power to monetize it. Furthermore, the nCash token will be the currency for this data exchange, to remunerate data providers and to reward customers for sharing their data. Therefore, it is decentralization in its truest and strongest form.

Nucleus Vision ( nCash ) Physical Security

Smart IoT sensors on Nucleus Vision platform can become an indispensable component of wider residential, commercial and industrial security systems by identifying potential threats and intruders, and securely transmitting this data to concerned authorities over our blockchain network. IoT solutions have already penetrated residential and industrial security systems, and it will become a huge opportunity in the coming years. Hence, organizations can use the information for real-time security, and monitor premises for trespassers and also to identify attackers. 

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Micro-payments in the form of tokens will enable this secure data transfer across various involved parties and our sensors. The platform will enable an ecosystem of secure, trustless, independent and permissionless exchange of data over blockchain. 

Latest Developments

Nucleus Vision ( nCash ) recently struck a pilot deal with India’s largest consumer electronics retailer Croma which has over 100 stores all across the country. 

For over a decade, Croma has been providing multi-brand digital gadgets and home electronics. The CEO of Croma, Ritesh Ghosal shared his views on the importance of this partnership by commenting, “ Nucleus Vision value proposition and personalization solutions are the need of the hour for retailers around the world. We look forward to seeing how this solution works at our shop floors.”

 By partnering up with Croma for a pilot deal, Nucleus Vision will be now used in over 100 Croma stores, all over the country. Furthermore, Abhishek Pitti, the founder, and CEO of Nucleus Vision stated:  “The retail market in India is huge, and we are leaving no stone unturned in bringing revolutionary changes to the status-quo. Partnership with a trusted brand like Croma is a big leap towards our goal. Going forward, we will be signing up more key players in the Indian retail market.”


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