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Nova LifeStyle expands blockchain implementation by appointing Wilson Yiu as CTO

Nova LifeStyle New CTO

As reported by Globe Newswire in December 2018, Nova LifeStyle Inc. announced the launch of  “iDesign Blockchain Technology”, a blockchain-powered technology platform that supports a digital community wherein integral players, such as designers, interior decorators, manufacturers, marketers and customers can boost real-time product delivery and customer experience.

“Nova’s large existing and expanding customer base established over the last 25 years will initially serve as the launching base for the digital community. This ecosystem should deepen customer integration and enhance sales and earnings through Blockchain technology,”

Tawny Lam, CEO of Nova Lifestyle.

Nova LifeStyle Inc., a leading U.S based innovative designer of modern home products, announced today the appointment of Mr Wilson Yiu as the Chief Technology Officer of the company. He is said to spearhead the company’s endeavours to incorporate blockchain technology into its supply chain.

Mr Yiu, who has two decades of experience in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) projects which involves consulting, management, implementations, application development and e-commerce, will have a dynamic role in leading the company to expand innovative ways to connect to their customers.

He holds Bachelor’s degrees in Information Systems and Finance from the University of Southern California. His potent technical expertise along with business process re-engineering experience evolved through the various roles he had assumed in his career. He began as a software programmer at Paramount Pictures. Mr Yiu also assumed the post of an IT Manager at Green Wave Ingredients, a leading distributor and supplier of nutritional and proprietary branded ingredients in the US.

“As Nova LifeStyle continues to transform our business in response to significant customer demand, we look forward to expanding our business by taking advantage of the many benefits offered by Blockchain technology”.

Ms. Lam.

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