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Nikhil Nayab appointed as new Global Head of Blockchain by Conduent


Conduent Inc, an NYSE listed digital interactions company has appointed Nikhil Nayab as the new global blockchain head to lead the company’s blockchain projects. As per the company’s statement on Thursday, Nayab’s team will leverage the technology for serving a diverse set of clients. This will include loan processing that’s more secure, with better mortgage plans, supply chain management, along with assisting governments with benefit eligibility programmes.

Nayab has over two decades of experience in the financial services industry. Additionally, this also includes a blockchain-oriented period for the last five years. Before his association with Conduent, Nayab was working with Accenture and helped the company to establish its North American blockchain practice. His previous experience with the technology also includes a few blockchain startups and banks like Citi and Credit Suisse.

“Our network will help Nayab lead an approach to blockchain development that is flexible and infrastructure agnostic. Our blockchain development will be done in an open environment to promote quicker, widespread blockchain adoption and foster inclusive innovation,” shared Dave Amoriell, President at Conduent, the New Jersey-headquartered company.

Conduent Inc. was established in 2017 as a divestiture of Xerox, with an aim to provide business process services to businesses and governments. Since then, it has served a majority of Fortune 100 companies and over 500 government entities as its clients. As part of the world’s largest open-source blockchain initiative Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), Conduent has pledged almost $200 million to upgrade its existing technology platforms in the next three years.

As the company “sits at the nexus of digital transformation and service delivery,” to fulfil its mission, Conduent has also added a total of 300 positions, including 100 in the United States. In the coming years, it will continue to focus on digital interactions, including technological innovations like blockchain development.

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