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NFTGamingStars: The Fully Decentralized Binance Smart Chain Platform for Play to Earn Games

The future of play-to-earn games is assured by NFTGamingStars as it enables users to trade cryptocurrency directly from their wallets. They can exchange crypto assets for GS1, BNB, and other cryptocurrencies, and vice versa. Through decentralization, NFT Gaming Stars strives to maintain users’ confidence while allowing them to enjoy games, art, and the Metaverse.
NFTGamingStars allows users to earn the maximum cryptocurrency while retaining more security and safety. NFTGamingStars, in this regard, unites NFTs, play-to-earn games, and Metaverse on a decentralized platform.

The Idea Behind NFTGamingStars
The worlds of cryptocurrencies and video games are rapidly convergent. This ground-breaking concept has swept the virtual gaming industry, with new initiatives springing up all the time to put it to the test. The Metaverse and the NFT marketplace appear to be attracting a lot of attention. The NFTGamingStars project was started by two co-founders that were in love with the crypto world.
This project was founded on the core principles of transparency, fairness, and immutability, which eliminates the possibility of fraud and allows gamers to begin earning crypto while playing games. In view of this, they want to offer a low-cost cryptocurrency trading platform that allows users to earn maximum cryptocurrency while maintaining more security and safety.
NFTGamingStars has a defined vision and a strategy that they stick to, and by that the Stars Network brings together fans of NFTs, gaming, decentralized exchanges, and the Metaverse.

The Team Behind NFTGamingStars
As stated earlier, this project was the brainchild of two people who have been in the crypto world since as far back as 2015. They are supported by core individuals who have very unique skills when it comes to running a project like this. It is with this knowledge and experience that the NFTGamingStars is run. More information about the team is on their official website for your attention.

The Launch of NFTGamingStars
NFTGamingStars had an initial soft launch back in December 2021, which was a fully fair launch, hence there were no presales, ICO, IDO, or IEO, therefore there are no whales to dump. After the soft launch, it finally went full and hard launched on January 20th, 2022. NFTGamingStars got listed on some notable crypto sites such as Coinsbit and Azbit, to name just a few. GS1 which is their token also got listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Marketing and promotions are still ongoing as they want to see this project grow stronger every day.

With NFTGamingStars fully launched, users can now buy their GS1 tokens directly from the NFTGamingStars website. Staking is also possible on their platform with an APY of up to 60%. There is also a limited edition of 1000 NFTS that can be purchased on the website. They are working on launching the NFTGamingStars Metaverse (MetaStars) this year. NFTGamingStars will be burning 10 million GS1 tokens every month throughout 2022 starting from March 1st. At the end of the year, it will be announced as to whether burning will continue or not.

Bottom line
NFTGamingStars is a Binance Smart Chain platform where you can earn cryptocurrencies by playing games. To improve the collective experiences of customers, they want to combine blockchain and NFT technology and Play-to-earn games. The NFTGamingStars platform is built on blockchain technology, which ensures that digital assets are genuine, traceable, and immutable. If you are a gaming fan and a lover of NFTs and have not joined the NFTGamingStars platform yet make sure to do so today

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