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Mt.Gox to return $1 billion lost in cryptocurrency

Mt.Gox to return money

The infamous Tokyo-based crypto exchange Mt. Gox, that suspended trading and filed for bankruptcy protection in 2014 is making headlines again. A recent development has brought along good news for the victims of the massive theft; they can now claim their stolen money, as declared in a press release dated 23rd August.

The press release was Uploaded on the official Mt. Gox website as an ‘announcement for commencement of filing proofs of rehabilitation claim.’ It states that as per the proceedings of bankruptcy, a system has been created by the Rehabilitation Trustee. Using this system, the users of MTGOX Bitcoin exchange can submit rehabilitation proofs on the website to claim a return of their stolen cryptocurrency.

“Users around the world can, without using time or money, easily participate in the Civil Rehabilitation Proceedings through filing proofs of Exchange-Related Rehabilitation Claim in accordance with the Civil Rehabilitation Act of Japan and other laws and ordinances,” states the announcement.

In addition, an offline form has also been made for users who cannot have access to the online method. At the same time, the company recommends its users to opt for the online process when possible. The last date for filing a rehabilitation proof is 22nd October 2018, as set by the Tokyo District Court. Failing the deadline, users will lose the right to claim. It needs to be noted that this rehabilitation process is only open for individuals and corporate users will have to “wait for a while” before they can file a return.

For users who might have forgotten the exact Bitcoin balance in their account, an option is available to check the MTGOX wallet balance. A Reddit user by the name of ‘Namjies’ posted

“If you submitted a claim in the past on MtGox or with Kraken, YOU NEED TO CLAIM AGAIN. The procedure changed from bankruptcy to civil rehabilitation and you need to submit a claim. I believe you might lose your claim if you do not submit one under the civil rehabilitation process as bankruptcy is no longer in play. Kraken is also no longer involved.”

On the same thread, several Reddit users have shared that they are facing trouble in signing into their MTGOX accounts. The ones who were successful in doing so felt that the whole process was “cumbersome.”

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