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Microsoft and Tech Mahindra join hands to implement blockchain

Microsoft and TechMahindra

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has recently introduced a new set of rules in an attempt to curb pesky calls, and this includes an implementation of blockchain-based solutions. Given these rules, global giants Tech Mahindra and Microsoft have joined forces to design and implement a blockchain powered solution.

The two companies have been working along with the telecom regulator TRAI to put an end to unsolicited commercial communication (UCC) calls and messages from the time the regulations hadn’t been officially structured. This solution has been crafted during joint sessions of Microsoft and Tech Mahindra with TRAI and other stakeholders in the value chain.

“Blockchain as a technology is a powerful tool to combat the issue of spam calls and fraud risks, to protect user information, as well as the integrity of the telecom sector,” shared Rajesh Dhuddu, Global Practice Leader of Blockchain, Tech Mahindra. “This Distributed Ledger Technology (commonly known as Blockchain)-based solution will enable enterprises to stop financial frauds and perpetration of misleading financial information by unregistered telecom marketers who rampantly use the SMS service of telcos,” he further added.

The solution is based on blockchain and has been built on Microsoft Azure to curb the rising incidence of pesky calls and messages in the country. Additionally, as shared by TRAI, the distributed ledger technology is capable of improving confidentiality and preventing unauthorised access to user data.  

“The intersection of cloud and blockchain will ensure a new way of monitoring and enforce compliance throughout the ecosystem. Through this solution, we will be able to help service providers be compliant with the new regulation. With a Microsoft Azure blockchain-powered solution, we will ensure that we mitigate loopholes used by fraudsters and spammers to reach end users,” shared Prashant Shukla, National Tech Officer, Microsoft India.

This is being looked at as a unique technological implementation in the country. Any changes that get made in a blockchain system are reflected throughout the network and are easily traceable. Consequently, it will empower telecom providers and registered telemarketers to carry out consent acquisition, preference registration, stakeholder onboarding, header registration, dynamic preference setting, complaint handling, template registration, and scrubbing service.

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