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Major investment companies rush to fund Bgogo to be the top 21 supernodes

Bgogo exchange is a cryptocurrency trading company which was started by a group of blockchain enthusiasts wanting to offer the most liquid exchange to people. Bgogo exchange has decided to allow only 21 Supernodes which would be playing an important role on the platform.  Not only One Vote, One listing but they also get the benefit of 20% per- trade commission which is an added advantage.

Each supernode is tenured for one quarter that is approximately 90 days. At the end of this quarter, BGG supernodes are re-elected based on their daily weighed calculation of BGG position held in each account. The top 21 accounts will be given the status of supernodes for the following quarter.

The idea of being a major player in the listing of exchange has grabbed the attention of major investment companies.  Major companies which have already taken place as these supernodes are Panthera capital (as expected from the most significant investment firm), Genesis capital, 8 decimal capital, ICOdrops, etc.

This is just the beginning of the race to be on top of this pyramid. To be able to influence a cryptocurrency on an exchange which is expected to be an expanding landscape of opportunity for various new ICOs and developing ideas, is a benefit that no one would want to miss.

We are as intrigued as you are to see how this exchange is going to affect the cryptoverse and what do experts have to say about this?

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